Where to Watch Stars Align Anime in 2023

Looking for ways to watch Stars Align, we have got you covered. 

The boys’ soft tennis club’s potential and their realization of their own potential are the main themes of Stars Align. The anime also deals with their struggles as individuals and the less pleasant aspects of middle school life.

Stars Align anime series is created by Kazuki Akane. It’s about the members of a boy’s school soft tennis club, mainly Toma Shinjo and Maki Katsuragi, who have hopes to pursue competitive tennis.

Where to Watch Stars Align Anime Online 

Right now Stars Align is available to watch on Hulu, Funimation, and Crunchyroll. Here are the details.

Can you watch Stars Align on Crunchyroll?

Yes, Stars Align is available to watch on Crunchyroll. All episodes are available to stream, but not for free. You need a premium account to watch the show. Crunchyroll premium subscription costs $7.99/month.

Stars Align on Crunchyroll

Is Stars Align on Funimation?

Stars Align is also available to watch on Funimation. You can watch all the episodes of the slice-of-life anime on Funimation for $7.99/month. There is a 14-day free trial for new users, so you can technically watch the show for free.

Stars Align on Funimation

Is Stars Align on Hulu?

Yes, Stars Align is available to stream on Hulu. The show is available in English dub. You can subscribe to Hulu today and use its free trial offer to watch the anime for free online.

Stars Align on Hulu

Stars Align Story

Stars Align is not your typical sports anime. Each character of Stars Align has a troubled past that they must learn to deal with and get through in addition to juggling sports and school life.

The audience is introduced to Toma Shinjo, who lives in the shadow of his brother Ryoma, and Maki Katsuragi, who is physically beaten by his father, in the first episode. Maki and Toma use soft tennis as an outlet from their sad home lives throughout the series.

The main characters, Maki and Toma are going through painful experiences that are out of their control and are preventing them from developing into young adults.

Hence, even if they are not conscious of their mental health concerns or the events at home, soft tennis is a coping mechanism for them to deal with or escape the trauma. They also receive comfort and support from their teammates.

Because of the story, the anime is very popular, and since its release, fans are still waiting for Stars Align season 2.

So yes, this is a beautiful anime about friendship and tennis. But, it is much more than that and does not avoid discussing serious subjects. I heartily recommend seeing this show because it is excellent and addresses some crucial problems.

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