Darwin’s Game Season 2 Release Date – What We Know So Far

Darwin’s Game is popular sci-fi anime released in 2020. The show got so popular that fans have been waiting for Darwin’s Game season 2.

Dāwinzu Gēmu or Darwin’s Game is based on a Japanese manga series written by FLIPFLOPs and the anime is adapted by Nexus. The first season of the show had 11 episodes and it aired from January to March 2020.

The show is about a 17-year-old high school student, Kaname Sudo who accepts an invitation to play an online game called Darwin’s Game. However, the game is a fight between life and death. Kaname seeks to clear the game and kill the Game Master.

Will There Be Darwin’s Game Season 2?

darwin's game season 2 release date

Unfortunately, Studio Nexus has not confirmed Darwin’s Game Season 2. For now, we don’t know if the anime show will be returning for another season.

The anime series aired in the Spring of 2020 and since then there is no news regarding another season. After the show aired, Netflix got exclusive rights to the series. Netflix is investing a lot in its original anime and has brought a lot of animes back, so there’s hope for another season.

There are rumors that the series is renewed for season 2, but the news is not true. Studio Nexus has not made an official statement regarding the renewal of the show, but it’s not been canceled either. As long as the show is not canceled, there are chances for season 2.

The first season of the show aired in 2020, so there is still time for the renewal of the show. Even the most popular anime take 3-4 years before making a comeback.

There is plenty of anime that are still waiting to get renewed like King’s Game, Great Pretender, and Gangsta.

What is Darwin’s Game Season 2 Release Date?

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There is no official announcement regarding the release date of Darwin’s Game. The show aired in 2020, and ever since then, the Studio has been quiet about the future of the series.

The last episode of Darwin’s Game season 1 outlined the possibility of another season. The Police investigation was left incomplete, which might be carried onto season 2 if the show’s renewal gets confirmed.

Anime approvals depend upon a lot of factors like the source material, the popularity of the show, and sales. Let’s take a look at each criterion to see what are the chances of the show returning for another season.

Darwin’s Game Source Material for Season 2 

darwin's game season 2 release

The source material for any anime is the original manga or light novel. Darwin’s Game is adapted from the manga series illustrated by FLIPFLOPs. The manga began serialization in December 2012 and is still ongoing.

Till now there are a total of 26 volumes of manga published so far, with the latest volume published in 2022. The first season of Darwin’s Game covered eight volumes or 30 chapters. It means there is more than enough source material for season 2 and season 3 of the show.

This is good news for anime fans as there is a lot of source material left that can be adapted into season 2. Another positive aspect is that the manga is still continuing, so a new season could serve as an advertisement.

Darwin’s Game Popularity and Reviews 

Darwin’s Game is a very popular anime with an audience score of 7.25 on MyAnimeList with a popularity rating of #391. The anime is a popular name in the survival game genre.

The plot is very simple, but effective. Despite being a short anime with only 11 episodes, the anime is greatly planned with an exciting storyline. The characters are amazing as well.

when will darwin's game season 2 release

On IMDB, the show has a rating of 7.2 with mostly positive reviews from critics. According to some, the show is a mix between Deadman Wonderland, Future Diary, and others. It’s a great combination of action and mystery. The anime has a great concept with good animation.

Darwin’s Game Story 

when is darwin's game season 2

Darwin’s Game is about a 17-year-old high school student, Kaname who gets a message on his phone with a fake link invitation to a game. Kaname clicks on the link and is suddenly transported into a game called Darwin’s Game.

At first, Kaname does not give it much thought, but later on, he gets a message on his phone from another player who wants to play with him. However, the panda costume player attacks Kaname. After the fight, Kaname realizes that his only option for survival is to leave the game.

The series is full of plot twists, and thrill.

Darwin’s Game Season 2 Trailer 

Unfortunately, Darwin’s Game has not been renewed for season 2, so there is no trailer for the series. The studio has kept silent about the renewal of the series, despite it being really popular among viewers.

Till then, you can watch the trailer for season 1 here.

Darwin’s Game Cast and Characters

Darwin's Game Characters
Darwin’s Game is a popular action, sci-fi anime with a great set of characters. Each character was different with their own flaws, which made the anime stand out against others of its kind.

Here are the main characters of Darwin’s Game that you can expect to see again in season 2.

CharacterVoice Cast
Kaname Sudo Yusuke Kobayashi
Shuka KarinoReina Ueda
Rein KashiwagiNichika Ōmori
Ryūji MaesakaTaku Yashiro
Liu XuelanAi Kayano
Sui/SōtaYumiri Hanamori
Ichiro Hiiragi Takehito Koyasu
Hamada Yuya Hirose
Shinozuka Fukushi Ochiai
Wang Yoshitsugu Matsuoka


For now, there is no release date for Darwin’s Game season 2. The show has not been renewed by Nexus. Although there are rumors that the show is coming back, given its season 1 finale, there is no official news, so nothing can be said with surety.

Given the demand from the fans and the popularity of the show, we can expect the renewal announcement of the show in the coming months. Till then stay tuned as we will keep you updated regarding any news or changes in the status.

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