7 Seeds Season 3 – Latest Update From Netflix [2023]

7 Seeds is a popular post-apocalyptic anime series that became quite popular. The first two seasons or parts of the show are available to stream on Netflix. Since then fans have been wondering about 7Seeds season 3.

Netflix’s original anime is based on Yumi Tamura’s manga of the same name. There are 24 episodes in total with two seasons running from June 2019 to March 2020.

The show is set in a post-apocalyptic world, long after a meteor has hit Earth leading to the evolution of new and dangerous species. The story revolves around five groups of people who try to survive after reviving from cryonic chambers.

Here’s what we know so far about 7 Seeds Season 3.

Will there be 7 Seeds Season 3? Canceled or Renewed


Unfortunately, Netflix has officially canceled the show. According to the official announcement, the show will not be coming back, and we will not be getting a third season of 7 Seeds. Netflix has not given any reason behind its decision to cancel the show.

Therefore, we will not be getting any new seasons of the show. Netflix has not given much explanation regarding the cancelation of the show, but we should be getting new information regarding the matter.

There could be a lot of reasons behind Netflix’s decision to cancel the show. It mostly depends upon ratings, profits, and viewership.

The show had average ratings, which were not that bad, so fans are very curious to know why the show was canceled.

What is 7 Seeds Season 3 Release Date


Unfortunately, Netflix has canceled 7 Seeds season 3 so there is no release date. The first two seasons or parts of the show ran from 2019-2020.

It’s been two years since have been waiting for the third season, but Netflix has decided to cancel the show.

There is plenty of anime on Netflix that are awaiting renewals like High Rise Invasion, and Toradora.

Right now it seems that Netflix is very busy with the release of other popular anime series like Tokyo Revengers Season 2, and Made in Abyss Season 2.

The streaming giant has taken big steps forward in making its own original anime and 7Seeds was among them. However, it seems Netflix is not going to go forward with the story, as season 3 of the show has been canceled.

Fans Reaction to the News 

Fans are not too pleased that the show got canceled. One of the major reasons is that it did not have a close ending and there is still a lot of material that can be adapted into the anime.

The cancelation news has left fans frustrated. One user on Twitter is not sure about the reason for their decision, because it was such a good TV show.


Another user on Reddit says that it was one of the best anime on Netflix, and now it’s canceled. Fans are also ready to start a petition for Netflix to rescind the cancelation.


Fans are clearly upset by Netflix’s decision to cancel 7 Seeds season 3 and not continue the show.

What are the Chances of 7 Seeds Season 3?

7 seeds season 3 cancelled why

Even though Netflix has canceled the show, there might be a solver of hope for fans. As seen in the past, if a petition starts to form online, shows have been brought back. 

For example, Wynonna Earp is a Syfy show that was canceled after season three. But a fan-led campaign revived the supernatural series for a fourth season.

Another example if of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. The show was a part of Fox, but after being canceled, fans were outraged. As a result, NBC picked up the show and it has continued for multiple seasons since then.

So, there is still a chance that the show might come back if there is a great demand from fans. Let’s take a look at the status of the manga which serves as the source material, and the popularity of 7Seeds.

7 Seeds Manga Status 

7 Seeds is an adaptation of a manga written by Yumi Tamura. The manga started in 2001 and went on for 16 years. There are a total of 35 volumes of the manga in total.

The manga is no longer continuing and the story is finished. The final volume of the 7 Seeds manga was published in May 2017.

The first season of the manga covered 16 volumes of the manga. The second season was not rushed at all and it used the next 4 volumes only. This means till today, the anime has used 20 volumes of the manga.

If we look at the total number of volumes, there are still 15 volumes left that can be used to make another season. In short, there is plenty of source material for 7 Seeds season 3.

7 Seeds Popularity 

Another factor behind the renewal of the series is its popularity of the series. 7Seeds anime is not the most popular out there. On MyAnimeList, it has an audience score of 6.56/10 with a popularity ranking of #1568.

Not all viewers are fans of its visuals and animation. Some also believe that the story was recycled with a post-apocalyptic world.

On IMDB, the show has a rating of 6.3/10. Again fans are disappointed with how Netflix adapted the excellent manga into anime. The first season seemed too rushed, as it jumps from scene to scene.

As you can see, the manga itself is very popular, as it sold more than 6 million copies in Japan, but that did not translate into DVD sales.

This could be a reason why Netflix canceled the show, as it wasn’t making enough profits.

What is the Story 7 Seeds


7 Seeds takes place years after a large meteor has hit Earth, destroying all life forms. As a result, the climate of Japan has changed drastically. There are only two seasons now, a dry season, and a rainy season.

However, the government expected this and already took measures against it via Project 7SEEDS. The project had five sets of young men and women placed in different teams. They were preserved in cryogenic chambers in hopes of preserving humankind.

Thousands of years later, the groups wake up and find themselves in a brutal post-apocalyptic world as they try to make sense of their surroundings and survive the changing world.

7 Seeds Characters

7 seeds season 3 release date netflix

7 Seeds anime had unique characters that we have come to love in the past two seasons.

Here are the main characters of 7Seeds anime:

Team Summer A 

  • Ango
  • Ryou
  • Koruri
  • Gengorou
  • Ayu
  • Nijiko
  • Ban
  • Unami

Summer B Team

  • Natsu Iwashimizu
  • Semimaru Asai
  • Arashi Aota
  • Chimaki Yamori
  • Matsuri Tendou
  • Kaname Mozunoto
  • Hotaru Kusakuri
  • Botan Saotome

Team Spring 

  • Hana Sugurono
  • Fujiko Amacha
  • Mansaku Tsunomata
  • Momotaro Nobi
  • Haru Yukima
  • Hibari Niigusa
  • Chisa Taiami
  • Tosei Yanagi

Winter Team

  • Takahiro A
  • Fubuki Samejima
  • Ramaki
  • Mutsuki Karezono
  • Mitsuru Kagurazaka
  • Fuka Ayatori
  • Arare Fushizuke
  • Sayuru Kumakawa
  • Toji Murozaki

Team Autumn 

  • Akio Haza
  • Ran Shishigaki
  • Hazuki Karita
  • Kurumi Shikano
  • Ryuusei Ogiwara
  • Akane Nashimoto
  • Sakuya Yamaki


Unfortunately, Netflix has canceled 7Seeds season 3. The show will not be coming back with another season. Netflix has not given a reason behind the cancelation of the show, but it could be because the manga ended some years back and the viewership decreased with time.

However, there is still a chance for the revival of the show if fans start a petition online. For now, all we can do is wait and see what Netflix has to say about its decision.

Till then stay tuned in case Netflix gives an official response as to why the show has been canceled, and in case there is a reboot project.

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