Tower Of God Season 2 Release Date – What We Know So Far

Tower of God is a popular Japanese anime that aired on Crunchyroll in 2020. Ever since then fans have been wondering about the Tower of God season 2 release date.

Tower of God (Kami no Tou) is an adaptation of South Korean manhua that was released as a webtoon. The manhua is written by an artist called SUI, and the anime is produced by Telecom Animation Film.

The anime centers around a boy named Twenty-Fifth Bam. He has spent most of his life trapped beneath “The Tower”. It is a mysterious structure that is completely enclosed and has a unique environment. When his friend is trapped in the Tower, Bam enters the Tower in search of her.

Here’s what we know about the Tower of God season 2 release date.

What is Tower of God Season 2 Release Date?

the tower of god season 2 release date

In August 2022, during Crunchyroll Expo, the streamer announced that Tower of God season 2 is under production. However, the release date for Tower of God is yet to be announced, but we expect season 2 in late 2023.

According to Crunchyroll, the production of season 2 of Tower of God has started and it will be available on Crunchyroll in the future. The airdate of the show is yet to be announced.

The key visuals of season 2 have been released. You can see the poster below.

tower of god season 2 crunchyroll

Apart from the confirmation of the series season 2, there is no news regarding its release date or plot line. We don’t even know if Telecom Animation Film is taking care of the production. However, looking at the teaser, it seems that the studio is in charge of the animation.

Some other anime that got renewed for another season are Fire Force, Konosuba, and Jujutsu Kaisen.

Tower of God Season 2 Trailer 

what is tower of god season 2 release date

Although Crunchyroll has confirmed that season 2 is under production, there is no official trailer for the series nor the release date. Fortunately, the Twitter page of the anime did reveal a small teaser that you can watch below:

What is the Plot of Tower of God Season 2?

tower of god season 2 release date anime

Tower of God webtoon has a total of 550 chapters as of today. These chapters are divided into three parts or 10 volumes. Season 1 of Tower of God covered the first part, leaving two parts to get adapted into season 2.

The first season covers the first 78 chapters. Season 2 will mostly revolve around Yuri who will ask her sister, Jiana to help her find Baam. There will be a six-year time skip, during which Baam joins Ja Wangnan, as they both try to ascend the rest of the levels of The Outer Tower.

If the anime sticks to the source material, the next season is going to be amazing as the next part of the manhua is full of amazing scenes. In short, fans will not be disappointed.

On that note, in July 2022, it was Tweeted by the official page of the anime that after chapter 550 of the manhua, SUI is on an indefinite hiatus due to his health.


Despite the sad news, fans have been very supportive and encouraged SUI to take as long as he needs and rest up. This is the second time the manhua has been on a hiatus, leaving fans worried about the health of SUI.

There’s nothing to worry about for the animators, as there is plenty of source material left that can be adapted into Tower of God season 2.

Tower of God Season 2 Characters

tower of god season 2 release date crunchyroll

Animators and the writer has been quiet about the details regarding season 2 of Tower of God, so we are not sure about the characters. However, season 1 had amazing characters that we can expect to make a comeback in season 2.


Twenty-Fifth Bam

Bam is the protagonist of the show. He enters the Tower in search of his best friend. Bam has spent most of his life living in a cave underneath the Tower.


Rachel is Bam’s best friend until she entered the Tower. In the Tower, she wishes to reach the top and see the stars in the sky.


He is the most dangerous and strongest being in the Tower. He is ranked first in the Tower and has the ability to warp reality around themselves.


Enryu is a powerful being in Tower like Phantanium. He is second in rank and is known as Red Tower because of his red hair and eyes. He is rumored to have the power to create life from Shinsoo.

Urek Mazino

He is irregular at the Tower and is ranked fourth. He is one of the fastest to climb the Tower using natural means. Urek is also known as Ray Barracuda as he can fire Shinsu at the speed of light.


  • Khun Aguero Agnes
  • Ja Wangnan
  • Ray Wraithraiser
  • White
  • Hatz
  • Shibisu
  • Serena Rinnen
  • Hoh
  • Deod
  • Phonsekal Lauroe


  • Quant Blitz
  • Lero Ro
  • Ha Jinsung
  • Hansung Yu
  • The Great Warriors


  • Headon
  • Jahad
  • Princess of Jahad
  • Endorsi Jahad
  • Anaak Jahad
  • Ha-Yuri Jahad


  • Hwa Ryun
  • Evan Erdoch

Fans’ Reaction to Tower of God Season 2 Announcement 

Tower of God is a very popular anime that is among the top 200 in the world. On Twitter, the official anime page has over 100k followers which are huge. So naturally, fans are ecstatic about season 2 of the show.


The reaction of fans to the announcement of season 2 is great. Fans want Kevin Penkin in charge of the OST this time too. Kevin Penkin recently made scores for Made in Abyss and Rising of the Shield Hero as well.


Final Words

Unfortunately, there is no Tower of God season 2 release date. Assuming that the second season has a similar production cycle to the first one at Telecom Animation Film Studio, fans can expect the second season to return as soon as Spring 2023 or Fall 2023.

Right now, the Studio is working on Rick and Morty anime, so this could push back the anime release date. But we are confident that season 2 will air sometime around Fall 2023.

In the meantime, you can read the original Tower of God webtoon and stay tuned as I will keep you updated regarding any news or changes in the release date.

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