Parasyte: The Maxim Season 2 Canceled – What We Know So Far

The first season of Parasyte: The Maxim aired in 2014, with a total of 24 episodes. The show became popular worldwide, making fans wonder about Parasyte season 2.

Parasyte is based on the Japanese horror manga series illustrated by Hitoshi Iwaaki published from 1988-1995. The series is about a high school senior who becomes the victim of a parasite organism that tries to take control of his brain. However, the parasite lands on his hands and mutates.

The manga was adapted into an anime series by Madhouse that aired between October 2014 – March 2015 with 24 episodes.

Here’s what we know about Parasyte: The Maxim season 2.

Will There Be Parasyte Season 2? – Canceled or Renewed

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Despite its popularity, Madhouse Studios has not renewed Parasyte – The Maxim anime for season 2. Judging from how season 1 ended, it is unlikely that the anime will come back.

The plot of season 1 ended where the manga finished, so there is no more story to adapt into the anime. In other words, the anime ended with the manga, so there is no source material left that can be adapted into the anime.

Due to the lack of material, it is confident to say that Parasyte will not be returning for season 2. However, if Netflix or any other studio decides to continue the anime, they will have to create a new storyline, as the manga has already been exhausted.

Parasyte is a Japanese horror manga series written by Hitoshi Iwaaki from 1988 to 1995. The original manga has a total of 10 Volumes and is complete.

There have been various spin-offs and tribute mangas like Neo Parasyte m, which came out in September 2014. Different stories have been collected into one volume.

Another project called Neo Parasyte f came out in 2014 in which different stories have been compiled into two volumes. A spin-off manga series called Parasyte Reversi finished in May 2021.

There is plenty of anime still waiting for renewal like High Rise Invasion, King’s Game, and Great Pretender.

What are the Chances of Parasyte Season 2? 

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Parasyte -The Maxim aired in October 2014, and was produced by Madhouse. Madhouse Studio is behind various popular anime like One-Punch Man, Overlord, Death Note, and more.

Considering the source material and manga, the chances of Parasyte season 2 are very slim. The show is not renewed and is likely never to return for another season because of a lack of source material.

The original manga has a total of sixty-one chapters, and all of these chapters have been used by Madhouse Studio for season 1. For now, there is no story left to be adapted into season 2. Hitoshi, the illustrator of the manga, has not been promoting the manga for years now after a fitting end to the story.

If the show is to come back, Madhouse will have to create a new story from scratch, and considering the packed schedule of the Studio with other projects, it doesn’t seem likely.

Apart from the anime series, there are two Parasyte live-action films as well. Parasyte: Part 1 came out in 2014, while Parasyte: Part 2 came out in 2015.

What is Parasyte – The Maxim About?

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Parasyte is about a teenage boy called Izumi Shinichi, who lives a quiet life in a small neighborhood. However, his life turns upside down when he is attacked by an alien parasite. The parasite is really dangerous when it gets into people’s brains as it ends up taking full control of the human body.

Izumi also gets attacked by the alien parasite that enters his body and ends up mutating on his arm. Instead of taking control of his brain, the parasite takes his own form on Izumi’s arm.

The parasite and Izumi then strike a deal. Izumi will let the parasite stay on his body as a host, and in return, the parasite will help Izumi height, other aliens. Because of the deal, Izumi becomes the last hope for humanity as he fights against the alien.

What are the Main Characters of Parasyte?


Here is a list of the main characters of Parasyte characters:

  • Shinichi Izumi
  • Migi (Parasite who lives on Izumi’s right hand).


  • Satomi Murano
  • Kana Kimishima
  • Yuko Tachikawa
  • Uragami
  • Akiho Suzuki
  • Nobuko Izumi
  • Kazuyuki Izumi
  • Mitsuo
  • Kazuki Nagai
  • Makiko Hayase
  • Mamoru Uda
  • Takeshi Hirokawa
  • Hirama
  • Shiro Kuramori
  • Mitsuyo
  • Yamagishi


  • Mr. B
  • Reiko Tamura
  • Mr. A
  • Hideo Shimada
  • Gotou
  • Kusano
  • Miki

Final Words

Despite its popularity, Madhouse Studio has never renewed Parasyte season 2. The anime ended on a final note with 24 episodes, so it’s highly unlikely that it will return for another season. One of the major setbacks is that the manga on which the anime was based has ended, so there is no source material to adapt anymore.

Due to a lack of source material, Parasyte will not be returning for season 2. The manga publication ended in 1995, which was a long time ago, so there is no possibility of another season.

If fan’s support continues, we might bet a movie or a spinoff series in the future. Till then stay tuned as I will keep you updated regarding any changes in the status of the show.

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