Overlord Season 2 Review, Story & Where to Watch

Overlord is a fantasy anime series based on the Japanese light novel series of the same name written by Kugane Maruyama. The series has a total of four seasons and this blog is dedicated to Overlord season 2.

It’s about a multiplayer online game, that is about to come to an end after 12 years. However, before the servers shut down, some of the players are transported into the game as their avatars.

Overlord anime has been adapted by Madhouse, with the first season airing in 2015. It was followed by two films in 2017. The second season of the series ran from February-March 2017. The third season premiered in 2018, and the fourth season in September 2022.

What is Overlord About?


In the year 2126, there is a multiplayer role-playing game called YGGDRASIL was released. Because the game was so interactive, it quickly became viral and had an intense 12-year run.

Now, the servers of the game are about to be shut down. Aniz Ooal Gown is a guild within the game and is considered one of the strongest with 41 members. In the guild, there are only four members remaining, as the rest have quit the game.

Among them, only one character, a skeletal Overlord called Momonga continues to play the game as the leader of The Great Tomb of Nazarick. Just minutes before the servers shut down, he invites other members of the guild to play, but they refuse. He refuses to leave and stays logged in until the servers shut down.

When the games shut down, Momonga discovers that even if the servers have shut down, the game hasn’t vanished. Instead, Nazarick seems to have been transported into the game altogether with NCPs coming to life.

Momonga has been trapped in his game avatar. He cannot use any normal player functions or even log out of the game. With no option left, Momonga sets out to discover the new world. He sends a message to other guild members to see if anyone is still in the game.

However, the rules of the game have changed with no limitations and ethical concerns.

Overlord Season 2 Plot


Since being transported into another world, Ains has sent commands to the ruler of the Great Tomb of Nazarick while maintaining his alter-ego Momon, the strongest and most powerful adventurer in E-Rantel as he tries to gather funds and see what is happening around.

In the meantime, Cocytus is sent to claim the fallen for the army of the undead and start a war with the Lizardmen. However, there is a monstrous being that comes from the clouds wreaking havoc. Now the tribes of the Lizardmen must form an alliance to stand together against the dark entity.

At the end of the season, Momon helps defeat the demons and save the tribes. He is hailed as a hero of the Kingdom. After investigating Ainz Ooal Gown, it is concluded that the magic caster is a high level of magical power.

The last episode of the season brought a plethora of flashy battle sequences as we finally got to see what different characters can do. Lakyus gets to show off her powers and why she’s worthy as Blue Rose leader.

Ains gets a good one-on-one with Demiurge which was the most powered scene of the season. The season-ending brought the arc to a suitable ending, with a hook for another more seasons. Season 2 is one of the most entertaining seasons of the series.

Overlord Season 2 Episode List


Here is the list of Overlord season 2 episodes:

  • Episode 1 – The Dawn of Despair
  • Episode 2 – Departure
  • Episode 3 – Lizard Men, Gathering
  • Episode 4 – Army of Death
  • Episode 5 – The Freezing God
  • Episode 6 – Those who pick up, Those who are picked up
  • Episode 7 – Blue Roses
  • Episode 8 – A Boy’s Feeling
  • Episode 9 – Soaring Sparks of Fire
  • Episode 10 – Disturbance Begins in the Royal Capital
  • Episode 11 – Jaldabaoth
  • Episode 12 – The Final Battle of the Disturbance
  • Episode 13 – The Ultimate Trump Card

Overlord Season 2 Characters 


Here is the list of main characters of Overlord season 2:

  • Ainz Ooal Gown/ Momonga voiced by Satoshi Hino 

The main character of the anime, and the only remaining member of the guild. He grows to become the leader of the kingdom. While Ains travels, he uses Momon as his alias, which later becomes Momon the Dark Hero.

  • Albedo voiced by Yumi Hara

Albedo is a succubus who oversees the Floor Guardians. Albedo has black wings and horns, wearing a white dress.

  • Shalltear Bloodfallen voiced by Sumire Usesaka

She is the guardian of the First, Second and Third floors of Nazarick. She takes the form of a vampire.

  • Demiurge voiced by Masayuki Kato 

Demiurge is the Guardian of the seventh floor of Nazarick. He takes the form of a demon, with a tail and is dressed in a business suit.

  • Cocytus voiced by Kenta Miyake 

Cocytus is the Guardian of the Fifth Floor of Nazarick. He takes the form of a humanoid insect with four arms.

  • Nigredo voiced by Kikuko Inoue 

The Area Guardian of the Frozen Prison of Nazarick is Albedo’s older sister. She is an expert at information gathering.

  • Pandora’s Actor voiced by Mamoru Miyano 

He is a doppelganger with three holes as a face and is dressed as a military officer.

  • Sebas Tian voiced by Shigeru Chiba 

The head butler of Nazarick who overseas the Pleiades. He specializes in unarmed combat.

  • Yuri Alpha voiced by Hiromi Igarashi 

The de-facto leader of the Pleiades is a headless rider who uses a choker to attach her head to the body as it makes her look human.

Nazarick’s Allies of the New World 

Characters Voice Cast
Hamsuke Akeno Watanabe
Tuareninya Veyron Yu Shimamura
Enri Emmot M-A-O
Nemu EmmotMarika Kuono
Zaryusu Shasha Hijoki Touchi
Shasryu Shasha Naomi Kusumi
Crusch LuluSora Amamiya
Zenberu Gugu Koji Ishi
Zero Rintarou Nishi

Where to Watch Overlord Season 2 

Overlord is available to stream on Crunchyroll, VRV, and Hulu. All seasons of the anime are currently streaming on Crunchyroll and VRV for free.


Overlord season 2 is also streaming on Hulu. It is available to watch with English subs and dubbing as well.


The anime is also streaming on Funimation and Paramount Plus. You can also rent or buy it on Amazon Prime Video.

Some other anime like Overlord that you would like to watch are New Game, Gamers, and Bofuri.


Overlord is no doubt one of the best action-fantasy anime. It’s so popular that the anime has a total of four seasons which is very big, as most anime gets canceled after season 1 or don’t get renewed for a long time.

Season 2 of Overlord was definitely action-packed with awe-worthy battle scenes and the most-watched moments in anime history.

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