My Dress-Up Darling Season 2 Confirmed! [Latest Update]

My Dress-Up Darling is perhaps one of the most hit anime series of 2023. Because of its worldwide popularity and demand, My Dress-Up Darling season 2 is officially confirmed and returning soon to our screens.

The anime series is about Wakana Gojo, who crafts Hina ningyo dolls and forms a bond with Marin Kitagawa, a popular school at school. Marin loves cosplay and dressing up, and Gojo ends up using his designs to make her new costumes.

Season 1 of My Dress Up Darling aired from January 9, 2022 – March 27, 2022, with a total of 12 episodes. The anime is licensed by Crunchyroll, and produced by CloverWorks Studios.

Here’s what we know about My Dress-Up Darling Season 2.

My Dress-Up Darling Season 2 Officially Announced!

my dress up darling season 2 release date

Sono Bisque Doll wa Koi wo Saru, also known as My Dress Up Darling season 2 has been officially confirmed. The series’ official website made the announcement regarding season 2 with a teaser video featuring new visuals from the anime.

The first season of My Dress-Up Darling was well-received by fans and it became a huge sensation among anime lovers. It was produced by CloverWorks, who has worked on various popular projects like Spy x Family, and The Promised Neverland.


According to CloverWorks Tweet, season 2 of the anime series is referred to as “That Dress-Up Doll Falls In Love”.

Crunchyroll and other websites are calling it a sequel, but considering the ending of season 1, we are not sure if it really is a sequel season or a movie. The first series of My Dress-Up Darling wrapped up with no sign of a follow-up.

However, according to a Tweet from Shota Umehara, the producer of My Dress-Up Darling, the project is a second season. He referred to the sequel series as 2期, or niki, which indicates that it’s a second season.

Some other popular anime that got renewed for more seasons are Tower of God, Fire Force, Jujutsu Kaisen, and Konosuba.

My Dress-Up Darling Season 2 Teaser Trailer

An official teaser trailer for My Dress Up Darling season 2 has been released, showing everything that’s coming in the next season. You can check it out below:

According to fans and critics, the official announcement of the series did not contain any teaser or trailer, so the teaser available online consists of existing footage and a hint of the next season.

Nonetheless, from the teaser, we can see that production has already begun on season 2.

The Plot of My Dress-Up Darling Season 2 

my dress up darling season 2 confirmed

My Dress Up Darling is based on an ongoing Japanese manga, which means that the next season will adapt from the existing plot, like the first one. So, if you have read the manga, you will get a pretty good idea about what the second season will be about.

The original manga series is written by Shinichi Fukuda and is ongoing. It has ten volumes as of right now. In total, there are 84 manga chapters have been published so far.

The first season of the anime covers the first 39 chapters of the manga. So, the second season of My Dress-Up Darling will cover from Chapter 40 onwards.

The ending of season 1 left fans satisfied as it showed the blooming romance between Wakana and Marin, even though both have opposite personalities. Their relationship has fans invested in the show, and desperate for season 2.

In season 2 we will see our favorite couple do more amazing cosplays and meet other cosplayers. There will be plenty of new characters in the anime like Amane, who is a male cosplayer who likes to cosplay female characters. Both Marin and Wakana will get new inspiration to make new costumes.

Season 2 will also focus on the relationship between Wakana and Marin, so be prepared to get more cute moments between the two. It is definitely one of the best romance anime.

What is My Dress-Up Darling Season 2 Release Date

when is my dress up darling season 2

Unfortunately, there is no official release date announced for season 2 of My Dress Up Darling. The sequel of the show was announced at a special event in Japan.

As the production of the anime has already begun, we can expect the show to release in late 2023, or early 2024.


The first season of the anime was announced in April 2021, and episode 1 of the show aired in Japan after 10 months. So, considering the timeline of the previous season, the next season of My Dress-Up Darling will take almost 10-12 months as well.

Season 1 is covered till volume 5 in the manga, so you can read from there to continue the story till you wait for season 2.

My Dress-Up Darling Characters

my dress up darling season 2 characters

Wakana Gojo 

Wakana is a first-year high school student who crafts Hina dolls. He is being criticized by the girls in his class for “playing with dolls as a boy”. That is why he hides his doll-making abilities. Wakana has no friends until he meets Marin, for whom he holds the same feeling as for Hina dolls.

Marin Kitagawa

Marin is a beautiful girl known for her outgoing and friendly nature. She is a lover of anime, for which boys make fun of her. However, after a series of multiple cosplays, Marin gets close to Wakana and ends up in love with him.

Sajuna Inui

A cosplayer who is known as Juju. Despite being older than Marin, Sajuna is mistaken for a junior high school student because of her petite appearance. Sajuna is also a fan of cosplay.

Shinju Inui

Shinju is Sajuna’s younger sister, however, unlike her sister, Shinju is tall and has curves. She plays the role of the photographer when her sister cosplays. She is very skillful at editing images and processing them.

Chitose Amano 

He’s a male cosplayer who is known as Amane. He is very good-looking and is often bullied for his effeminate looks. Amane can dress up both as girl and boy characters very convincingly.

Akira Ogata

Akira is a 20-year-old who specializes in cosplay. She has dark hair and has an air of mystery about her because she has a serious demeanor most of the time.


Fans are ecstatic regarding the confirmation of My Dress-Up Darling season 2. The show has been renewed, but a release window for the anime has yet to be determined. We might get more details in the days to come.

Given the popularity of the manga and the reaction of fans towards season 1, it is no surprise that we are getting season 2 of the romance anime. Till then, you can read the manga, or watch season 1 on Crunchyroll to see what all the buzz is about.

Stay tuned as I will keep you updated regarding any changes in the schedule and announcements.

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