Mushoku Tensei Season 3 Confirmed! What We Know So Far

Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation anime series season 1 ran from January to December 2021 with a total of 23 episodes. Since then fans have been wondering about the next season. Here’s everything we know about Mushoku Tensei Season 3.

Jump Fest brought us amazing anime announcements and Mushoku Tensei also got renewed for another season by its creators and is coming to our screens sometime around next year.

The isekai anime series is based on the light novel series of the same name by Rifujin na Magonote.

The anime series is quite popular and is at the top of the charts. Fans are enthralled about the confirmation of season 3. Here’s everything we know about the series, and what to expect from the next season.

Mushoku Tensei Season 3 Release Date

Mushoku Tensei season 3 has been officially announced by Studio Bind and the series is scheduled to release in July 2023.

Crunchyroll announced the news on Twitter that a new season is coming soon in 2023. We have the exact release date for the show, which is 2 July 2023.

There is a lot of confusion over the internet as people have been searching for season 3 when there has been no season 2. Actually, the first season of the show was split into two parts due to COVID-19 and fans think that the upcoming season is the third season. In reality, the upcoming season is the second season.

The upcoming season is expected to have 24 episodes, and there will not be two parts. You can check the official poster for the upcoming season below:


Mushoku Tensei Season 3 Trailer

Here is the official trailer of Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation season 3:

Some other anime that got renewed include Bofuri, Tokyo Revengers, and Made in Abyss.

Mushoku Tensei Game Announced 

Bushiroad Games Label has announced the new Mushoku Tensei Game called “Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation – Quest of Memories”. 

The game will be available on PlayStation 4, PC, and Switch. The release date of the game has not been announced yet, but there is an official trailer that you can see here:

What is the Story of Mushoku Tensei Season 3?


Episode 23 of Mushoku Tensei ended on a cliffhanger. It is revealed that Rudeus was crushed after Eris left him and he felt abandoned by her. In a depressed state, he left her a note saying that he felt beneath her.

The manga is still ongoing so there is a lot of content that can be animated. Till today there are 25 light novel volumes. Season 1 of the anime only covered six volumes and the story ended on the Homecoming arc.

The upcoming season of Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation will start with Rodeus traveling with Sylphy and Roxy.

Season 1 of the anime ended with Rudeus sad about his past memories. Rudy also decided to continue his journey, while Rudeus goes in search of his mother. Eris’s absence takes a toll on Rudeus, even though he is focused on finding his mother.

At the same time, Sylphy is also looking for Rudues. Season 3 will focus on Rudy’s journey toward his mother, without Eris. It will show us if Sylphy will be able to meet him or not.

There’s a spin-off manga series as well illustrated by Shoko Iwami called Mushoku Tensei: Roxy Gets Serious that started in 2017. As of December 2021, there are nine tankoban volumes of the manga.

A second spin-off series called Mushoku Tensei: 4-koma ni Natte mo Honki Dasu was serialized in October 2018. There are three tankoban volumes.

A new third spin-off manga series began in March 2022, called Mushoku Tensei: Eris wa Honki de Kiba o Togu.

Mushoku Tensei Season 3 Cast and Characters


Mushoku Tensei series has an extensive cast and characters that we can expect to make a comeback in the new season.

Here are the main characters of Mushoku Tensei that are planning to make a comeback in season 3.

Rudeus Greyrat
Voiced by: Yumi Uchiyama 

The main character of the anime is reincarnated in a fantasy world of magic and monsters with his memories of his previous life intact. In his previous life, Rudeus was jobless and overweight. However, in his new life, he adapts to the life of a gentleman.

Roxy Migurdia
Voiced by: Konomi Kohara 

Roxy is a demon with blue hair. Unlike her species, she cannot teleport which makes her feel estranged from her village. She leaves her life behind and becomes a traveling tutor.

Eris Boreas 
Voiced by: Ai Kakuma

Eris is an heiress and a distant relative of Rudeus. She practices the Sword God style and grows to love Rudeus who is her teacher.

Paul Greyrat
Voiced by: Toshiyuki Morikawa

Paul is Rudeus’ father who has left his noble lineage behind and is now a proficient swordsman and an adventurer.

Zenith Greyrat
Voiced by: Hisako Kanemoto

Zenith is Rudeus’ mother who has left her noble home and has become an adventurer with her skill in healing magic.

Zanoba Shirone
Voiced by: Satoshi Tsuruoka

Zanoba is a God Child who is born with unique abilities. He has superhuman strength and endurance.

Human God
Voiced by: Kujira 

Human God is an unidentified being who is known as Human God. He communicates with humans via dreams and manipulates the world through that by planting ideas and thoughts.

What is Mushoku Tensei About


An unnamed 34-year-old NEET is evicted from his house after the death of his parents. Devastated by the death of his parents and nothing going his way, he believes that his life is meaningless. One night he saves a group of teenagers from a speeding truck and dies.

The man is reincarnated in the world of sorcery as Rudeus Greyhat. In this life, he becomes very successful. Rudeus becomes skilled at magic because of his early training and becomes the student of Roxy Migurdia, makes friends with a demon magician, Sypliette, a demi-human, and becomes an instructor of an heiress, Eris Boreas Greyhart.

Rudeus finally feels like he has found his place in the world and meaning in life. However, he finds himself in a life and death situation as a major catastrophe threatens to destroy the nation leading to war, death, and monster attacks.

Final Thoughts

Good news for fans as Mushoku Tensei season 3 is officially announced and is set to premiere in July 2023. The anime is out of the production phase and is ready to release on July 2, 2023.

Until then you can read the manga or light novel series while you wait for the next season. It is no doubt going to be full of adventure as every character has embarked on their own journeys. Their reunion will be worth the watch.

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