Maid Sama Season 2 | Everything We Know So Far [2023 Update]

Maid Sama! is a popular romance anime, with 26 episodes that aired between April and September 2010. Since then fans have been waiting for more episodes. Here’s what we know about Maid Sama Season 2.

Maid Sama! (Kaicho was Meido-sama!) is a Japanese manga series written by Hiro Fujiwara with 18 volumes. The Shojo manga was adapted into an anime series by JC Staff

It’s a romantic comedy with all the bells and whistles of a shojo story with amazing characters. The anime became very popular, but it ended before the manga, so fans have been demanding a second season ever since.

Will there be Maid Sama Season 2? Canceled or Renewed 


Despite its popularity and demand, JC Staff of the writer has not officially announced anything regarding Maid Sama Season 2.

The first season of the show ended in 2012, with a total of 26 episodes, and now its been over a decade of waiting for another season. The anime did not use the entire story, so there is potential for season 2.

Considering such a long wait, its timeline is not so promising, and reviving a decade-old anime seems unlikely, considering the manga has already finished.

However, there is a silver lining yet, as the show recently gained life on Netflix, so anything’s possible.

Netflix has become a hub for anime, as it continues to produce more of its original content as well.

So, there’s always a possibility that the streaming service will pick up Maid Sama! season 2 if fans get vocal about it – it surely did work for Snyder Cut!

There is plenty of other anime series that are still awaiting renewal like Psychic Princess, Noblesse, and Blue Spring Ride.

What is Maid Sama Season 2 Release Date?

maid sama season 2 episode 1

Unfortunately, there is no release date for Maid Sama Season 2. Despite the demand from fans, and the popularity of the manga, there is still no news regarding the renewal of Maid Sama! anime from the producers.

It all depends if Sentai Filmworks want to renew the season. Season 1 of the show ended in 2010, and till today, fans are continuously asking for season 2 on social media.

However, the good news is that the production house – JC Staff Studios has not denied or canceled the concept of Season 2.

Though, according to its timeline, there are rumors that there will be no season 2, because of its lengthy delay. But there are various popular anime, that is released after a long delay in the form of continuation or a spinoff.

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Maid Sama Source Material for Season 2

There are a lot of things behind the renewal of the anime series like viewership, profit, and source material.

If we look at the source material, the first season of the anime used 34 chapters and ends at volume 8. It means there are 10 more volumes left to be adapted into season 2.

If you want to continue the story from where the anime ended, you can read Kaichou was Maid Sama! Volume 9 Manga and see where the story goes.

Given the popularity of romance anime, the probability of a second season is high because it’s in demand as well. Other similar shows like Domestic Girlfriend are also waiting for season 2 renewal.

Maid Sama Sales 

maid-sama-kaichou-sales (1)

Sales and profits are vital when it comes to deciding on the sequel of an anime series. Fan loyalty is also important, but to convince the creators of a sequel, there has to be a good sales number.

Usually, anime series advertise the manga to drive sales. If we look at Maid Sama!, season 1 only included the first 8 volumes, leaving 10 volumes untouched – thus boosting the sale of manga.

According to sources, there has been a sale of around 15,000 copies of the manga. Similarly, if we look at DVDs and Bluray, the show raked in over 8 million US dollars during its initial release.

Last but not least, we have merchandise sales. Maid Sama! is a popular anime, thus receiving a lot of profits from there. Some of the products sold as merchandise include:

  • Maid Sama Notebooks
  • Sweatshirts
  • Phone covers
  • Stationery
  • Wall posters
  • Badges
  • Hoodies and more

Maid Sama Reviews and Ratings – Success of the Anime 


There are a lot of online review sites, where you can determine the success of an anime. For example, on MyAnimeList, the show has a high audience score of 8.02/10 with 666,567 votes, and a popularity ranking of #97.

The show is among the most popular anime of all time with fans praising its artwork, animation, and great comedy. Unlike typical romance anime, Kaichou wa Maid Sama! is far from your regular rom-com anime, that teases you with an element of romance that is not physical, but with deep connections.

On IMDB, the series has a high rating of 7.9/10 with over 7.2k reviews. Most people deem anime as their favorite, with a perfect story and adorable characters.

While others say the anime is stupid, but thoroughly enjoyable, and will have you doubling over with laughter at times. The slice-of-life anime is loved by all.

What is the Story of Maid Sama Season 2?

An all-boys high school, Seika High, has recently become co-ed, with the female population in minority. One student, Misaki works hard to make sure the female students have a better place.

She is known in the school as “a strict boy-hating demon dictator” who hates male students at her school. Despite her reputation, she secretly works part-time at a maid cafe to support her family.

Unfortunately, her secret is soon discovered by Takumi, a popular boy in the school. However, instead of exposing her secret, Takumi keeps it to himself and becomes a regular at the cafe. With time, both become close to each other.

Season 1 of the show ended with Misaki and Takumi confessing their feeling for each other. Misaki was reeling with confusion, and Takumi was afraid of rejection. Maid Sama Season 2 will continue from there.

Maid Sama Season 2 Characters and Cast


Even though Maid Sama Season 2 is not confirmed, and chances for another season are bleak, if the show gets renewed, the following characters can be expected to make a comeback with plenty of new faces.

Characters Voice Cast
Misaki AyuzawaAyumi Fujimura
Takumi UsuiNobuhiko Okamoto
Hinata Shintani Atsushi Abe
Shōichirō YukimuraHiro Shimono
Ryuunosuke KurosakiYuichi Nakamura
Sakura HanazonoKana Hanazawa
Shizuko KagaYū Kobayashi
Minako AyuzawaAyako Kawasumi
Suzuna AyuzawaKaori Ishihara
Satsuki HyoudouRie Tanaka
Honoka Kana Asumi
Erika Mariya Ise
Subaru Kana Ueda
Kuuga Sakurai Kenji Nojima


So as you can see Maid Sama season 2 is not yet confirmed. The ending of season 1 is a major trigger for fans wanting another season because it ended at a cliffhanger.

The romantic comedy series is guaranteed to make its viewers chuckle and is loved by fans across the world. However, as the production house has not yet officially canceled the show or denied season 2, there is still a chance, given the huge popularity of the show.

Till then, stay tuned for more updates regarding the series as I will make sure to keep you updated if the show gets renewed.

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