Land Of The Lustrous Season 2? What We Know So Far

Huoseki No Kuni, also known as the Land of the Lustrous is a popular action, anime that was released in 2017. Ever since then fans have been wondering about Land of the Lustrous Season 2.

The popular anime series is based on the manga of the same name, illustrated by Haruko Ichikawa. The first season had a total of 12 episodes and it ran from October 2017 to December 2017.

It follows the story of Lustrous – immortal beings embodiment of gemstones, who defend themselves against Lunarians who seek to harvest them and use their bodies for decorations.

Here’s everything we know about Land of the Lustrous Season 2.

Will there be Land of the Lustrous Season 2? Canceled or Renewed


Unfortunately, season 2 of the anime has not been confirmed yet. The orange studio has not made any official statement regarding the renewal of the series even though it’s been more than five years since season 1.

As of right now, neither Kodansha, Orange Studio or the producers have made any official announcement that tells us if the anime is getting a second season.

For now, there is only one season of Land of the Lustrous, and season 2 of the anime series is not confirmed. Unlike other popular anime, there is no OVA or movie that was ever made for the series.

The show is not canceled by the studio as well. Right now, it seems to be in limbo as it’s not renewed or canceled.

In such situations, we can only speculate about a new season based on various factors like manga availability, popularity, and revenue. 

Land of the Lustrous Season 2 Source Material


For anime series and renewals, source material which is the manga or light novel is very important. If there isn’t enough source material, the anime will not continue.

As of right now, there are 11 volumes of Land of the Lustrous. The manga is not finished and is still ongoing which is a comfort for fans who are waiting for a new season. From the story, it seems like the manga will take a few more years to come to an end.

The latest volume of the manga was released in July 2020. Since then the manga went into a hiatus. However, the manga is returning with volume 12 in February 2023.

The first season of the anime only adapted the first four volumes. It means there are plenty of volumes left for the new season to adapt.

If we look at season 1, we can see that it used four volumes. Therefore, the second season should adapt volumes 5 to 8. In short, there is more than enough content that season 2 of the anime can cover.

If you want to continue the story from where the anime ended, you can continue reading Land of the Lustrous Manga Volume 5.

Land of the Lustrous Sales and Revenue 


Sales and revenue numbers have a huge impact on the renewal and cancelation of the anime. In 2017, the anime sold roughly 6000 Blu-ray copies which is a good number.

Similarly, if we look at manga sales, Land of the Lustrous Volume 10 sold 125,000 copies, while Volume 11 sold 110,000 copies.

By 2017, the manga series had around 1,400,000 copies sold in print. The franchise also has good numbers in merchandise. So according to the numbers, the anime made a great profit, meaning it’s not an obstacle. 

There is plenty of other anime series that are still awaiting renewal like Psychic Princess, Toradora, and Blue Spring Ride.

Land of the Lustrous Reviews and Ratings


Land of Lustrous is a popular manga to date. Huoseki no Kuni has a ranking of #161 on MyAnimeList with an audience score of 8.40 with 172,861 votes.

According to fans, the show has stunning CGI, an intriguing story, and a fantastic cast and characters. The music of the anime is always so fitting with the scenes. The visuals will grow on you as the series progresses. The anime also won Crunchyroll Anime Awards 2018 for best CGI. 

On IMDB, the fans have rated the anime 7.9/10. On every anime critic platform, you will see that the series is praised for its graphics and special effects. The anime is very unique with a good story. It’s also funny at times, and an emotional rollercoaster.

Considering the reviews and ratings, the anime is not dead yet, so we can keep our fingers crossed for some good news soon.

What is Land of the Lustrous Season 2 Release Date


As of 2023, there is no news regarding the Land of the Lustrous season 2 release date as the show is not confirmed yet.

We should expect to hear some news regarding season 2 around next year, but if the status still remains unchanged, then there will be no Huoseki No Kuni season 2.

Looking at the source material, we can see that it’s more than enough for not only season 2 but also season 3 if the show decides to continue. It’s also quite popular among fans as well.

The only problem is that the anime did not make enough money. Moreover, it does not have Netflix backing the anime as Beastars does.

Looking at the profits, there is less than 50% chance of us getting the new season, as the first season did not perform really well. Studio Orange is busy making the final season of Beastars.

Land of the Lustrous Season 2 Trailer 

Unfortunately, there is no trailer for Land of the Lustrous season 2 as the show is not confirmed yet. There is no news regarding the new season of the anime from Studio Orange or the illustrator.

What is the Story of Land of the Lustrous 


Land of the Lustrous is an action, fantasy anime that is set in the far future. The story takes place in a fantasy land with immortal beings called Lustrous, who look like gemstones.

Lustrous have been defending themselves against Lunarians who seek to harvest their bodies to make decorations. Twenty-eight Lustrous are led by their teacher Kongo. Phosphophyllite, also known as Phos, is currently 300 years old and is the youngest of the group.

Phos are brittle which makes them unable to fight which is why they feel useless. Phos must unite and find friends to help them stand against Lunarians who want to take advantage of them.

Land of the Lustrous Cast and Characters


Land of the Lustrous is a fantasy anime with a lot of different interesting characters that we can expect to make a comeback in season 2.

CharacterVoice Cast
Phosphophyllite Tomoyo Kurosawa
Cinnabar Mikako Komatsu
Bort Ayane Sakura
Diamond Ai Kayano
Morganite Mutsumi Tamura
Rutile Yumi Uchiyama
Goshenite Saori Hayami
Zircon Himika Akaneya
Jade Ayahi Takagaki
Yellow Diamond Junko Minagawa
Alexandrite Rie Kugimiya
Obsidian Ryō Hirohashi
Kongo Kongo
Ventricosus Chiwa Saito


In short, there is no news regarding Land of the Lustrous season 2 release date, as the anime has not been renewed or canceled by Studio Orange. The manga series is still in continuation, but there is no word regarding the anime.

We should expect to hear something regarding the anime next year, but if there is still no news, the chances for another season would be close to none. Till then keep your fingers crossed, and I will make sure to keep you updated here. Stay tuned!

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