Hyouka Season 2 Release Date | What We Know So Far

Hyouka is one of the most beloved anime in the slice-of-life genre. The first season of the series came in 2013, and since then fans have been wondering about another season. Here’s everything we know about Hyouka Season 2.

Hyouka anime is based on the light novel series by Honobu Yonezawa and published by Kadokawa. The 22-episode anime was produced by Kyoto Animation.

A bonus original video animation was also streamed in July 2021. Hyouka is a popular anime commended for its high-quality visuals with great characters.

Will there be Hyouka Season 2? Canceled or Renewed 


I will cut to the chase. Despite the huge demand from fans, since its debut in 2012, the production company has not announced Hyouka season 2.

There is no official news regarding the renewal or cancellation of season 2. In 2017, there was a live-action movie; Hyouka: Forbidden Secrets that bolted the audience but after that there is silence.

With anime, we know it sometimes takes a lot of time before the show comes back for another season. However, according to various social media handles, there are rumors that the directors have announced that they have plans to further extend the season.

With the demand from fans and positive reception, we are hoping that the anime will make its debut for another season in the coming years.

Kyoto Animation announced a special Hyouka Anime 10th Anniversary Project, but everything is under wraps now, as there is no news on whether it will be a special episode, or a movie.

There is plenty of other anime series that are still awaiting renewal like Psychic Princess, Maid Sama!, and Blue Spring Ride.

What is Hyouka Season 2 Release Date?


Unfortunately, there is no news regarding Hyouka season 2 yet. We have heard rumors that the show is returning for another season, but I strongly advise to not get your hopes up.

Despite the rumors, Yonezawa, and Kyoto Animation have not made an official statement regarding the Hyouka season 2 release date.

During a fan meeting, Mr. Yonezawa was asked by fans about season 2, he made it clear that he wasn’t very inspired to make season 2, so there is little potential.

Similarly, Kyoto Animation is also busy with popular anime like Violet Evergarden, Free! the Final Stroke, Liz and the Blue Bird, K-ON!, and more.

Hyouka Source Material 

Another thing that motivates the sequel is the source material. Hyouka anime has a total of six volumes, and the anime has used the first 4 volumes.

The manga has a total of 14 volumes from April 2012, to November 2020. The first 12 volumes of the manga are based on four novels, just like the anime. So, the source material left for season 2 is only 2 light novel volumes. 

Considering the source material, the chances for another season are very less. But we could get a reboot series or a movie considering how popular the anime is. 

If you want to know the rest of the story, you can read Hyouka Novels 5 and 6 in Paperback to get the story.

Hyouka Reviews and Ratings – Popularity of the Anime 


Hyouka is a popular anime, with over 2.05 million copies sold in print. On MyAnimeList, the show has a popularity rating of #87, with an audience score of 8.09 having been reviewed by 575,459 viewers.

The critics are absolutely enthralled by the outstanding animation and plot of Hyouka. The stunning visuals are accompanied by classical tunes and melodies that set the environment. However, fans believe it falls short because of the script and no availability of season 2.

Hyouka is a top-rated anime on IMDB as well, with a score of 7.8/10. According to critics, the slice-of-life anime is full of mystery, and a great work of art, as expected from Kyoto Animation.

The series is a masterpiece wrapped in mystery and curiosity. The show is slow-paced, and a great watch for fans of Sherlock Holmes.

What is the Story of Hyouka

Hyouka is the story of four high-school students who are trying to solve a mystery. Houtarou Oreki is the protagonist of the show, and he has little interest in what is happening outside of his circle. Unlike most kids who want to join clubs to socialize, Houtarou wants to be left alone. Despite that, he has exceptional detective skills.

His sister forces him to join the club to solve a 45-year-old mystery. However, unwrapping one secret leads to a lot of secrets being uncovered. But, will the students be able to handle it?

If you are a fan, you can get Hyouka Color Book for Adults and recreate your favorite characters. Here’s the opening theme of season 1 to reignite the passion for Hyouka:

Hyouka Season 2 Cast and Characters


Hyouka Season 2 is not confirmed, so there isn’t much information regarding the characters and cast. However, season 1 had a great cast and characters, so you can expect some of them to make a comeback like:

Character Voice cast
Hōtarō OrekiYuichi Nakamura
Eru Chitanda Satomi Sato
Mayaka Ibara Ai Kayano
Satoshi FukubeDaisuke Sakaguchi
Tomoe OrekiSatsuki Yukino
Fuyumi IrisuYukana
Yoko ItoigawaMami Koyama


Despite the demand from fans, there has been no official announcement regarding Hyouka Season 2. There are rumors going around on social media that the show is returning for another season, but we highly doubt it, as there is not enough source material left that can be adapted into the anime.

Till then, you can read the manga to continue the story, and stay tuned, as I will make sure to keep you updated regarding any change in the renewal status of the series.

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