Hundred Season 2: Release Date, Plot & Rumors [2023 Update]

Fans have eagerly been waiting for season 2 of Hundred anime. So far there has been no official announcement about Hundred Season 2. Here’s everything we know so far. 

The Japanese anime series is known as Hundred, or Handoreddo is based on a popular light novel series that was first published in 2012 and written by Jun Misaki. 

Hundred anime series is a mecha-harem story with lots of action. It tells the story of a teenager Hayato Kisaragi who is highly trained at Hundred technology. Following his compatibility, Hayato is invited to join a military academy on a battleship to master his skills. 

The Hundred anime was produced by Studio Production IMS and directed by Tomoki Kobayashi. Season 1 of the series has 12 episodes and it aired in April 2016. 

Since then, fans have eagerly been waiting for the next season. Here’s what we know about season 2 of Hundred so far. 

Hundred Season 2: Canceled or Renewed

Hundred Season 2 Canceled or Renewed

Even though Hundred Season 2 is the most anticipated show by fans, sadly there has been no official announcement about the sequel from producers. It is safe to assume the show will not make a comeback in 2022. 

The anime adaptation of Hundred was not a huge success in terms of finances. The studio that produces the show closed down in 2018 after declaring bankruptcy. Therefore, the second season of the series was never planned after 2016. 

The anime series only managed to sell roughly 1350 Blu-ray copies and there were no supplementary merchandise or action figures to boost the sale. 

Similarly, if we talk about the light novel series, Volume 16 was the end of the story. That in addition to the studio’s bankruptcy, we believe there is a very slim chance of Hundred Season 2 happening any time soon. 

Season 2 of Hundred would be highly unlikely because the manga and light novel series has come to an end. One of the main reason behind anime is to promote the source material, but in the case of Hundred, there is nothing left to promote.

Hundred Season 2 Release Date 

hundred season 2 anime

There has been no official release date of Hundred seasons 2 because the new season was never confirmed officially after the first season premiered in April 2016. 

The show was not canceled, nor confirmed so there is no release date for Season 2. 

I am very confident the series will not be getting a second season any time soon. The studio shut down and even their social media pages have not been updated in the last five years. 

If you visit Hundred’s official Twitter page you will see that their last post was in March 2017. There has been no news or any new content on the page after that. 

If you are a fan, you can continue the story by reading the light novel series. The show only covered volumes 1-4 so you can begin reading from Volume 5 to continue the anime story. 

There is plenty of other anime series that are still awaiting renewal like Psychic Princess, Noblesse, and Blue Spring Ride.

Hundred Season 1 Reviews and Ratings 

Hundred Season 1 Reviews and Ratings 

Hundred anime season 1 was an absolute hit among the fans. The action-romance series scored a rating of 6.4 on IMDB with mixed reviews from the fans. 

Some viewers described it as a “generic and cheesy anime with good animation and music.” 

Similarly, on MyAnimeList the show managed to score an average audience score of 6.33 with over 173,228 votes. So without a doubt, the anime series is above average and a must-watch for ecchi fans. 

The story is a little predictable but it is enjoyable with excellent animation and sound. I’ll let the audience decide for themselves if its worth watching or not. 

What is Hundred About

Hundred is an anime based on a light novel series written by Jun Misaki. ‘Hundreds’ are a kind of sophisticated weapon that can transform into different things and are the only things on Earth that can be used against mysterious beings called Savages. 

Savages have attacked the Earth and only Slayers who can wield the Hundred can defeat them. Those who can wield the weapon are trained at a special academy for combat. 

Hayato Kisaragi gets chosen and is enrolled in the academy on a battleship and is challenged on his first day to a duel. But the duel is not with any random person as the ‘Queen’ of the academy, Claire Harvey, a powerful and trained slayer challenges Hayato. 

Although there is no news about Season 2 of the anime series, here is the trailer for Hundred Season 1. 

Hundred Anime Characters

Hundred Anime Characters

If Season 2 of Hundred anime returns, we can expect the following characters of Season 2 to make a return. 

Hayato Kisaragi (如月 ハヤト)

Voiced by Yoshiaka Hasegawa 

Hayato is the male protagonist of the series. Hayato masters hundreds of weapons and becomes a Slayer in order to get medical treatment for his sister. After a close encounter with a Savage, Hayato has transformed into a Variant and has obtained increased affinity for Hundreds. His Hundred is the Flying Swallow. 

Emilia Hermit (エミリア・ハーミット)

Voiced by Rumi Okubo 

Emilia is the female protagonist of the show and is Hayato’s roommate. She initially joins the academy posing as a boy, Emile. However, she eventually has to reveal her true identity. She is also a survivor of the Savage attack like Hayato and is a Variant. Her Hundred is the Arms Shroud. 

Claire Harvey (クレア・ハーヴェイ)

Voiced by MAO 

Claire is a high-ranking Slayer at the academy and is known as the Queen. Her Hundred is a Dragon-Type that transforms into a huge rifle. She is also one of the few people who know the true identity of Emile. 

Karen Kisaragi (如月 カレン)

Voiced by Kaya Okuno 

Karen is Hayato’s younger sister. Hayato has become a slayer to get good treatment for her illness. She becomes great friends with a lot of people at the hospital including Emilia and Sakura, a popular idol. 

Other characters 

  • Sakura Kirishima voiced by Mayu Yoshioka 
  • Liza Harvey voiced by Nichika Omori 
  • Erica Candle voiced by Yui Makino 
  • Liddy Steinberg voiced by Rika Kinugawa 


If you are a fan of the Hundred series, you will be disappointed to know that as of today there has been no official announcement regarding Hundred Season 2. If you want to continue the story, you can read the light novel series because the chances of season 2 happening are very slim. 

For updates and news regarding a new season, stay tuned! 

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