Great Pretender Season 3 – Everything We Know So Far

Great Pretender season 2 dropped in 2020 and it quickly became popular since its debut. As the previous seasons were completely breathtaking, fans are still waiting for Great Pretender Season 3.

Created by Wit Studio, the crime comedy show is based on the manga written by Ryota Kurosawa. The Netflix Original anime is famous for its impressive animation and story.

The Great Pretender is a story about Edamura, a professional swindler who is the best in Japan. Edamura with his partner, Kudo attempts to trick a Frenchmen in Asakusa. However, they are the ones who end up being swindled by none other than Laurent Thierry – one of the best swindlers and leader of the Mafia.

Here’s what we know about Great Pretender season 3 so far.

Will There Be Great Pretender Season 3?

the great pretender season 3

As of right now, the official renewal status of Great Pretender is still pending. Netflix has not renewed the show for season 3 yet.

Despite season 2 of the show being very popular, there is no confirmation from Netflix regarding a third season. However, Hiro Kaburagi, the director of the show said in an interview that he is very interested in developing a new season of Great Pretender.

“I am stoked that this work has received so much support in both Japan and overseas…If you want to a see a GP sequel, do be sure to tell your friends and acquaintances about it, so that you can increase the viewer count on Netflix!”

From his statement, it is sure that if the anime reaches a certain viewership on Netflix, the new season will be announced soon. The show is already very popular worldwide, and the staff is ready to work on season 3, now the decision is pending on Netflix’s side.

There are a lot of factors that influence the renewal status of an anime. These factors include source material, popularity, and sales.

Apart from Great Pretender, there is plenty of Netflix Original anime that are awaiting renewal such as Yasuke, High Rise Invasion, and Dorohedoro.

Great Pretender Season 3 Source Material 

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Great Pretender is written by Ryota Kurosawa and the series is based on arcs called “cases”. Till today, four cases have been released on Netflix.

Unlike other anime that are based on manga or novels, the Great Pretender anime series is not based on one. Owing to its popularity, a manga adaptation has been released on LINE Manga in June 2020.

According to the official Twitter account of Mag Garden, the manga based on the original anime series Great Pretender is on a hiatus because of Marui’s poor health.

There is only one full compiled volume of the manga that was released in July 2020. After the first volume, the manga went on a hiatus. There is no news about when the manga will return.


Considering the fact the anime is the original work and is not based on the manga, we can say that the source material could be an issue here. Maybe there isn’t enough story to adapt into an anime yet which is why Netflix has been quiet about season 3 of Great Pretender.

Season 2 of the anime did not have a proper ending, so we are sure that the show is bound to return for another season. It’s only a matter of time before Netflix announces the renewal of the show as soon as they have their hands on enough source material.

What is the Plot of Great Pretender Season 3?

will there be a great pretender season 3

Season 2 of the anime was the final arc that left fans wanting more. In season 2 Edema decided to return to Japan to settle down and find a regular job after their latest scam.

However, Laurant had other plans, and soon Edema is pulled into another heist. This time, it costs the team their lives and reminds Edema of his painful past. Throughout the season Edema felt the emotional strain these jobs have on him. But no one really cares for him, as in a sense he is being used for his abilities.

The second season ended with Team Confidence successfully conning Liu and Suzaku. It was about their lives after the con. So, if we get the next season, it will pick from there.

I hope they can focus more on Edamura and how he deals with emotional issues. It was nice to see a character’s emotional side, but he never made peace with anything. Maybe the whole crew will get together for another heist.

The final episode of Great Pretender season 2 had an open ending that left the audience happy. However, there are many possibilities for another season to be made because of the open ending.

Great Pretender Reviews and Ratings 

Great Pretender is a popular anime because of its amazing visuals and animation style. On IMDB, the show has a rating of 7.9 with positive reviews.

The anime has been nominated for Crunchyroll Anime Awards, and more in several categories. Fans love its storyline and most have compared it with Ocean 11 heist movies.

when is great pretender season 3 coming out

According to fans, the anime is predictable, but it’s good stuff. The animation and characters make it fun to watch and is absolutely worthwhile to watch.

On MyAnimeList, the show is among the top 350 anime, with an audience score of 8.25. Because of its popularity, fans are wondering when we will be getting season 3.


Great Pretender Characters


Great Pretender anime has the best characters that are well-written. Here are the main characters of the anime who can make a comeback if we get another season.

Team Confidence 

  • Makoto Edamura
  • Laurent Thierry
  • Cynthia Moore
  • Abigail Jones
  • Kudo
  • Kim Si Won
  • Dorothy
  • Seiji Ozaki

Los Angeles 

  • Eddie Cassano
  • Inspector Anderson
  • Salazar


  • Clark Ibrahim
  • Sam Ibrahim
  • Lewis Mueller
  • Isabelle Mueller


  • James Coleman
  • Farah Brown
  • Thomas Meyer
  • Tim


  • Akemi Suzaku
  • Igarashi
  • Ishigami


  • Chen Yao
  • Lui Xiao

Final Words

As of yet, Netflix has not renewed Great Pretender for season 3, so there is no release date for season 3. The manga has been put on hold because of the ill health of Marui, however, it shouldn’t be a problem as the show is not based on the manga, but the other way around.

For now, there is no news from Netflix or the producers about Great Pretender season 3. The director of the show said in an interview that he will love to work on season 3 if there is support from fans, so there is still hope.

Till then stay tuned, as I will keep you updated here regarding any changes in the status of the show.

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