Gleipnir Season 2 Release Date – What We Know So Far

Gleipnir season 1 aired from April to June 2020. The supernatural anime is quite popular among fans, as they are still waiting for Gleipnir season 2.

Gleipnir anime is based on the Japanese manga series of the same name illustrated by Sun Takeda. The show centers around a high school student who has the ability to transform into a giant dog.

The anime adaptation aired from April 2020 to June 2020 and had a total of 13 episodes. Gleipnir is created by Pine Jam studio, and it quickly gained popularity among fans worldwide.

Here’s what we know about Gleipnir season 2.

Will There Be Gleipnir Season 2?

gleipnir season 2 release date

As of today, there is no official announcement regarding Glepinir season 2. The anime series has not been renewed by the studio.

The first season of the show aired in 2020, so it’s been more than two years and there is no news regarding the renewal of the show for a second season.

Pine Jam studios are behind some popular projects like Gamers! and Just Because! The studio has not made any official statement regarding their plans with Gleipnir anime.

However, it’s not uncommon, as there is plenty of anime like High Rise Invasion, Dorohedoro, and Drifters that are still waiting for renewal.

There are plenty of reasons behind the renewal or the cancelation of anime series. Some major factors that affect the decision are source material, popularity, and sales.

Gleipnir Source Material 

will there be a gleipnir season 2

One of the major factors behind the renewal or the cancelation of the series is the source material. For most anime, the original manga or novel serves as the source material.

Gleipnir manga is illustrated by Sun Takeda. The manga started serialization in October 2015 and is still continuing. This is good for the anime as the manga series has not finished, meaning there will be plenty of chapters to adapt.

Right now, the manga has a total of 12 volumes with 76 chapters. The latest volume has been published in June 2022.

The first season of the anime adapted 36 chapters only. So there is a lot of source material left for season 2. Also, as the manga is ongoing, there is no problem in terms of material and chapters.

Gleipnir Anime Popularity 

Another big factor in determining the status of the anime is its popularity and reviews by critics and fans. Gleipnir is a popular anime to date, but its Twitter page is not updated since 2020, and it only has around 14.9k followers, which is not a lot.

On MyAnimeList, the anime has an audience score of 7.00 with around 202,088 votes, and a popularity ranking of #444. Despite low ratings, according to fans, the anime is surprisingly well-animated, with solid character development, and a fairly interesting plot.

gleipnir season 2 countdown

On IMDB, the show has a rating of 6.8/10. According to fans, the story of the anime is strange, but it gets pretty interesting in the middle. The characters are also interesting but are not stereotypical.

The show is more popular in the West as compared to Japan. However, anime is not available on streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, etc. You can only watch it on Funimation. This makes it difficult to get a new season because of financial reasons.

What is the Expected Plot of Gleipnir Season 2?

when is gleipnir season 2

The first season of Gleipnir left fans wanting more. As a result of Shuuichi and Clair’s fight with Elena, the story has evolved making Shuuichi’s past more complex. The battle between them ends with a sudden interruption from a ghost that may be Honoka, Shuuichi’s dead friend.

Elena erases Shuuichi’s memories, taking him off Honoka’s hit list. Despite this Shuuichi was more determined to find the ship.

Considering the manga, in season 2, Shuichi, Sanbe, and Aoki will embark on a journey to find the spaceship. As the crash site of the spaceship led to all the confusion, it will offer much-needed clarity and answers.

Kagaya and Aoki are determined to collect 100 coins to end the game as soon as possible, but it will not be easy. They will have to face many obstacles and have to fight warriors and guards. To make things worse, they will have to face the army of the dead after encountering Kaito, who can bring the dead back to life.

In short, the next season is going to be as epic as the first one, with a lot of action and battle scenes.

What is Gleipnir Season 2 Release Date?

will there be gleipnir season 2

Unfortunately, Gleipnir season 2 release date has not been announced yet. The show has not been renewed for another season as of right now.

Season 1 of the anime aired in 2020, so it is still too early to determine the status of the show. Most shows take more than 3-4 years before making a comeback.

However, considering all the facts, there is a 50-50 chance that the show will return for season 2. The main reason is that the show is not that popular in Japan, and has not met with great DVD and Blu-ray sales.

The only hope is that the manga is still continuing, and as the anime is made to promote the manga, so we can expect Gleipnir to make a comeback in the next few years.

Apart from assumptions, and rumors, there is no official announcement from the production studio or the writer regarding Gleipnir season 2.

Gleipnir Season 2 Trailer

Gleipnir has not been renewed for season 2 as of now, so there is no trailer. But you can watch the trailer for season 1 here.

Gleipnir Main Characters

gleipnir anime characters

Here are the main characters of Gleipnir anime that you can expect to make a comeback in season 2 if it gets renewed.

Suichi Kagaya 

He is one of the high school students who can transform into a monstrous dog who looks like a mascot costume. It gives him increased physical and mental strength and abilities. Suichi can even retain some of his abnormal abilities in his human form.

Clair Aoki

Clair is the sister of Elena. She witnesses the murder of her parents at the hands of Elena and falls into depression. She even attempted to end her life, but Suichi saves her. Both become friends and start an investigation into the monster activity in the area.

Elena Aoki

Elena is Clair’s older sister and she has the power to transform into a ghost. She killed her parents because they were hypocrites while raising her and Clair. Elena loves her sister, but is emotionally unstable and psychotic, especially when she transforms into a monster.


He is a member of an alien species that can grant enough power to a person who locates 100 coins to do anything he wishes.


She is a high school student who asks Alien for increased speed so she can excel in sports. However, her wish transforms her with arms and legs like monster limbs.

Tadanori Sanbe 

He is a university student who asked Alien to give him super strength. He creates his own martial arts style to maximize his strength. However, after facing many monsters, he is still not satisfied. He teams up with Clair, and Shuichi to find more coins.


The first season of Gleipnir anime is amazing, leaving fans wanting more. Unfortunately, there is no official confirmation regarding Gleipnir season 2. The first season aired in 2020, and since then there is no news regarding the renewal of the anime series.

Most anime take several years before making a comeback. As the manga is still continuing, we can expect the show to make a comeback in a few years. Till then stay tuned, as I will keep you updated regarding any changes in the schedule or status of the show.

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