Given Season 2 Release Date – Is It Canceled? [Latest Update]

Given season 1 aired from July 2019 to September 2019, and since then fans have been waiting for another season. Here’s everything we know about Given Season 2.

Given is an anime adaptation of the Japanese manga by Natsuki Kizu. The shounen-ai anime follows the relationship between four band members; Ritsuka, the guitarist, Mafuyu Sato, the vocalist, Akihiko Kaji, the drummer, and Haruki Nakayama, the bassist.

Season 1 of the show had 11 episodes, and it ended as soon as the characters came together, thus leaving fans curious about the rest of the story. That is why there are a lot of rumors about Given season 2 and when the show is returning to our screens.

Will there be Given Season 2? Canceled or Renewed 


Unfortunately, as of today, Given Season 2 is not confirmed yet. The second season is either renewed or canceled by the production company, Lerche, or Crunchyroll.

It was announced after the show that the anime will have a final movie, and it was released in August 2020. After that, Lerche animation and writer of the manga have been silent regarding season 2 of the series.

Most anime series take years before coming back for another season. Considering how the movie was released in 2020, there is still some time left, so we might hear from Crunchyroll or Lerche regarding a new season.

There are a lot of factors that affect the renewal of an anime series like the source material, profits, and the popularity of the show.

Crunchyroll is famous for making their fans wait and then releasing more seasons when the fan engagement is at its peak on social media.

There is plenty of other anime series that are still awaiting renewal like Hyouka, Maid Sama!, and Blue Spring Ride.

However, if you want to continue the story till then, you can read Given Manga Volume 5 to resume the story from where season 1.

What is Given Season 2 Release Date


As of today, there is no official release fate of Given Season 2. There is no official statement from the production company or Crunchyroll regarding another season.

The movie based on the manga was released in 2020, and with a live-action mini-series in 2021, there is still a lot of time left for season 2. In other words, according to the timeline, fans are really hopeful regarding season 2.

Given Anime Source Material 

The source material for an anime is manga or the light novel. The original manga is then adapted into the anime, therefore, it is the main source material and it is a major indicator of whether the anime will be renewed or not.

The manga series on which the show is based has two arcs, the first arc has been used in season 1 and the anime movie used the second arc as the base. Therefore, if we look at the source material, fans will have to wait for a little while for another season.

There are a total of 7 manga volumes, and the anime series adapts the first five volumes. The anime film uses volumes 6-7. Therefore, there isn’t any material left for another season.

As the Given manga is continuing, viewers will have to wait a little while for season 2, as the latest Volume 7 was released in December 2021.

Volume 7 of Given is not yet available in English, so till then you can read Given Volume 6 manga to continue the story.

Given Anime Reviews and Ratings 


The Given manga is quite popular among fans like its anime adaptation. The third volume of the manga sold over 24,345 copies in its first week of release, and it reached #37 on Oricon.

The anime adaptation of Given was equally loved by fans. Given has a popularity rating of #384 with an audience score of 3.85 on MyAnimeList. According to critics, the show is a down-to-earth romance story that exceeds the conventional plot line.

Given is called by fans as one of the best summer anime series that you must watch. The show was also nominated for Crunchyroll Anime Awards for the best couple.

On IMDB, the mini-series is rated 8.3/10, with positive viewer reviews. According to critics, the show leaves an undeniable wave of emotions in you, making you crave for more.

The anime is worth watching with its realistic story, and amazing songs. Overall, it’s going to leave you heartbroken, and you will need to read the manga to fill the story.

What is Given Anime About

Given has two major arcs. The first arc is about Ritsuka and Mafuyu, their story from the formation of the band till their first live performance. Ritsuka is the guitarist, while Mafuyu is an exceptional singer.

The second arc is about Haruki and Akihiko and follows the band as they prepare for their first-ever music festival. The anime tells the story of how each member of the band must conquer their pasts and differences to come together and compose powerful music for their fans.

The band navigates the new grounds of music while discovering themselves during the journey and getting close to each other.

Apart from an amazing story, the Given series has plenty of hit songs that you will find yourself humming to. Here is a small trailer of the show.

Given Season 2 Characters 


Even though, Given Season 2 is not confirmed yet, season 1 had plenty of great characters that we can expect to make a come back, along with new faces.

Here are the main characters of Given anime:

Characters Voice cast
Ritsuka UenoyamaYuma Uchida
Mafuyu SatōShogo Yano
Haruki NakayamaMasatomo Nakazawa
Akihiko Kaji Takuya Eguchi
Yūki YoshidaYuuki Shin
Ugetsu MurataShintarō Asanuma
Yayoi UenoyamaYu Shimamura
Shōgo Itaya Kengo Takanashi
Ryū Ueki Hiroto Amano
Hiiragi KashimaFumiyo Imai
Yagi ShizusumiTaito Ban


Even though Given season 2 has not been confirmed yet, given the popularity of the show, and manga series, we can expect it to get renewed in the coming years.

The source material available poses a serious challenge for season 2, as there isn’t much story left, considering the fact that the manga is in continuation. So, the second season could come out in 2024-2025 at best.

Till then, stay tuned as I will keep you updated here regarding any news about the renewal of Given anime, and the latest status of the series.

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