Gamers Season 2 Release Date, Cast – Everything We Know So Far

Gamers is a popular Japanese anime based on a novel series written by Sekina Aoi. The anime series aired from July 2017 to September 2017. The show touches a little bit of gaming but is mostly a school romantic anime series with 12 episodes in season 1. 

One thing is for sure, you will smile your way through the show because it has a nice blend of romance, dorky characters, and gaming. It is a must-watch for rom-com lovers. 

The anime got so popular after its release that it quickly made it to the top 10 most-viewed Japanese anime within a few days. After an amazing run in Season 1, fans have been eagerly awaiting news of Season 2. 

Here’s everything we know about Gamers Season 2 so far.

Gamers Season 2: Canceled or Renewed?

Gamers Season 2 Canceled or Renewed

There have been a lot of predictions and rumors about Gamers season 2 but there has been no news from the official creators. There seems to be no notification on Gamers anime’s official website as well. 

It’s been more than four years since the first season and there is no news about cancellation or renewal. Most of the time if an anime is not to be renewed, we get confirmation about the cancellation of the show. 

As there is no confirmation regarding the cancellation of the show, we can only assume that Season 2 of Gamers is in jeopardy. 

It cannot be said with surety when we will get the new season, because it’s already 2023, but nothing can be said with 100% confidence. 

The pandemic has affected a lot of web series and anime – pushing back their release dates and schedules. There is plenty of other anime series that are still awaiting renewal like Psychic Princess, Noblesse, and Blue Spring Ride.

Season 1 of the show did great and was quite popular. It also remained among the top 10 anime on Crunchyroll for some time. With such high demand, we can still expect season 2! 

Fans of the series can also get cool merchandise of the show like Gamers! calendar, notepads, figures, and other merchandise.

Will there be Gamers Season 2?


As of today, the show has not been renewed for another season. There are various factors that determine the return of anime series such as source material, popularity, sales, etc.

The light novel series of Gamers has a total of 12 volumes, and it was completed in October 2019. The fact that the light novel has ended limits the continuation of the anime series.

Fortunately, Gamers season 1 only adapted the first 5 light novel volumes. It means there is plenty of source material for season 2.

If we look at the sales of Blu-ray and DVDs, Gamers season 1 only sold around 1500 units, as opposed to the expected number of 4000. Therefore, sales and revenue are a setback.

The Twitter handle of the anime and social media accounts have not been updated after 2020, so the chances of season 2 are very less considering all the factors.

Gamers Season 2 Plot 

Gamers -season-2-canceled

Gamers season 2 will pick up the story from where season 1 ended. If we do get a second season, it will revolve around the lives of six players as they live in the same house for ten days. 

As the first season revolved around love, friendship, and misunderstanding among the characters, we can expect the same from Gamers Season 2. 

However, there is no official confirmation about season 2 of the show, the story, and the cast. But one thing can be said for sure the next season ought to be as amazing and entertaining as the first one. 

What is Gamers Anime About?

Gamers tell the story of a high school student, Keita Amano who is a video gamer. He meets a school idol called Karen Tendo and both decide to join the Gaming Club of their school. 

After finding out that the club focuses on competitive gaming, Keita declines her offer. However, his decision sets off a chain of events for both gamers leading to friendship and romance. 

The story is filled with comedy scenes and romantic chaos making sure viewers enjoy the show. It is loved by fans and is rated 6.7 on IMDB

Gamers Main Characters

Gamers Main Characters

Here are the main characters of the Gamers anime.

Keita Amano (雨野 景太)

Voiced by Megumi Han 

Keita is a second-year high school student who loves playing video games. He is the protagonist of the story and has no friends. Keita loves Karen but thinks he is not worthy of her and declines her invitation to join the school gaming club. 

Karen Tendo (天道 花憐) 

Voiced by Hisako Kanemoto 

Karen is the prettiest and most famous girl in the school and is the president of the school’s gaming club. She has blond hair, and blue eyes and excels at everything from academics to sports. She is set on reviving the club to its former glory and asks Keita to join but he declines her offer. 

Chiaki Hoshinomori (星ノ守 千秋)

Voiced by Manaka Iwami

Chiaki is a shy girl and a class fellow of Karen who loves playing games on mobile phones. She has long hair with purple eyes. Chiaki and Karen see eye to eye on things until one day they end up in a dispute about adding more characters in the game, leading them to grow apart. 

Tasuku Uehara (上原 祐)

Voiced by Toshiyuki Toyonaga 

Tasuku is Keita’s class fellow but both are opposites. Tasuku is a handsome guy who loves to go out and party. He is quite skilled at arcade gaming. He was a nerd in middle school and changed his entire appearance and attitude to avoid getting stigmatized. 

He sees himself in Keita and decides to help him with his social life and friends.

Aguri Sakurano (桜野 亜玖璃)

Voiced by Rumi Okubo 

Aguri is Tasuku’s girlfriend. She is a petite girl with purple eyes and pink hair. Unlike other female characters Aguri does not play video games as the only thing she loves to play are the claw crane games with prizes. She has been in love with Tasuku since middle school after he got her a plushie doll after winning. 


For now, there has been no news regarding Gamers season 2. Despite rumors about its cancellation, we can still hope for another season soon enough. Season 1 of the show was a hit so we can expect a season 2 or a spinoff series this year. 

Even if there is no confirmation of the season of Gamers from the creators, a new season, or a spinoff is guaranteed given the show’s popularity. 

Stay tuned for more updates and news regarding Gamers anime season 2. 

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