Drifters Season 2 Release Date: Canceled or Renewed? [Update]

Drifters (Dorifutazu) is a popular anime that aired in 2016. Ever since then, fans have been wondering about Drifters season 2.

Drifters was a hit not only in Japan, but the West as well for its historical and fantasy storyline, and amazing characters. Created by Hirano Kouta, Drifters takes place in 1600, in a world where there are several doors interconnecting different worlds.

The most interesting thing about Drifters is that its characters are based on real-life warriors in Japan.

Here’s everything you need to know about Drifters season 2, its release date, and its announcement.

Will there be Drifters Season 2? Canceled or Renewed 


The first season of Drifters anime aired on October 7, 2016, and it ended on December 23, 2016. The renewal of the anime was announced at the end of the first season, but no development has happened.

Season 1 of the anime ended with a statement that said that the anime will continue and season 2 coming in 20XX. However, since then, it’s been more than six years and the show has not been renewed yet.

Since its cryptic message in season 1, the creators of the anime have been silent about season 2.

There is plenty of anime like BNA, High Rise Invasion, and 7Seeds that are still awaiting renewal.

Drifters Season 2 Release Date


No release date for Drifters season 2 has been announced. Even though the show was renewed in 2016 after its last episode, there has been no development regarding the next season of the anime.

There are a lot of factors behind the renewal or cancelation of the series like the source material, popularity, fans’ response, and more.

Despite the renewal of the show, it’s been more than six years and there is nothing regarding the next season, and fans are still waiting for the show to come back.

There is no official poster, trailer, or anything to give us a hint that the show is in production. I believe the source material is a major hindrance at this point.

Drifters Anime Source Material for Season 2

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For any anime, the source material is its original manga or novel. Anime gets adapted from mangas, and the same is the case with Drifters.

Drifters manga is written by Hitano Kouta and has a total of six volumes with a total of 80 chapters. Kouta is famous for delaying content, as he published Chapter 80 of the manga in 2020 after a 7-month break.

The anime series broke off from Chapter 45 of the manga. The 13th and 14th episodes adapted Chapters 45-52 and episode 15th covered Chapters 53 through 56.

With a total of 80 chapters, around 20 have been used in season 1. Considering the history, we can see that one episode covers almost 4 chapters.

In short, there isn’t much storyline left for season 2. The latest chapter of the manga also got mixed reviews, so we don’t know if the show will return, considering the plotline.

Is Drifters Anime Popular?

Drifters is a popular anime that has been nominated in 2017 for Crunchyroll Animation Awards in the category of Best Action. On IMDB, the show has a rating of 7.6.

According to critics and fans, the show is a masterpiece. Even though the plot seems weird at first, the story comes together with time.


The anime has been compared with Hellsing and Fate for its dark fantasy story, and action. The show is full of battle scenes with the best animation and badass characters.

On MyAnimeList, the show has an audience score of 7.90 with a popularity rating of 361. Its fantasy war-themed story is a must-watch. It’s also great how it uses real historical figures for each character with a twist of dark fantasy and magic.

Drifters Plot 

Drifters is about a warrior, Totohisa Shimazu, who fought the bloody Battle of Sekigahara. During the battle, Shimazu succumbs to fatal injuries and finds himself transported to a white hallway, with a man behind a single desk, Murasaki.

Murasaki sends Shimazu through a portal to another realm. In the new world, Shimazu encounters other warriors like him who call themselves Drifters.

Drifters are fighting against The Black King of the Ends who have waged a war against the humans. Every Drifter must use his battle skills from the past to defeat the enemy.

The first season of the anime stuck to the storyline, as a result, it was not rushed at all. And what’s more amazing is that Drifters are inspired by real-life warriors of Japan.

Drifters Season 1 Ending Explained  

The final episode of season 1 of Drifters ended with a phrase that gave hope to fans worldwide. It said:

“To be continued. The Second Season. Tokyo 20XX. Sayonara.”

As you can see from the statement, it is clear that at that time the creators were sure of continuing the anime for another season. Maybe they are waiting for enough source material to move forward, but till today there is nothing new regarding season 2.

Some anime that recently got renewed for more seasons are Tokyo Revengers and Bofuri.

Drifters Anime Characters


The anime Drifters draws inspiration from real-life heroes and warriors. Hirano has brought back various people from different time periods together in this dark fantasy series.

Oda Nobunaga

Nobunaga is one of the three main characters in the anime and serves as the military strategist of Drifters. The famous Japanese daimyo is known in history for his military tactics and control of Honshu.

Naoshi Kanno

Kanno was a Japanese fighter pilot who saved Japan during World War 2. During the action, his plane went missing, and he was labeled deceased. In the anime, he focuses on Drifters aerial combat, fighting dragons.

Akechi Mitsuhide

Akechi Mitsuhide was responsible for Oda’s death. He was one of Oda’s generals, but he rebelled against Oda. Just like in real life, in the anime, Mitsuhide is at the side of the End and is dead set on defeating Oda.

Butch Cassidy

Butch Cassidy is not a Japanese war hero, but he is known for being the leader of a gang of outlaws called, The Wild Bunch. The gang has been behind various bank and train robberies for over a decade. In the anime, Cassidy is a gunslinger.

Sundance Kid

Sundance Kid is Cassidy’s partner, and the duo team up with other Drifters against the Ends. Like Cassidy, Kid specializes in firearms.

Hannibal Barca

Hannibal is known in history as “the father of strategy”. Because of his military strategies, he won several battles against the Roman Empire.

In the anime, Oda invites Hannibal to Drifters as their military advisor against their fight with the Ends.

Grigori Rasputin 

In real life, Rasputin was named Russia’s mad mystic and was appointed by Emperor Nicholas II to help heal his son, Alexei, but he started to seep his influence into the empire which resulted in his assassination.

In Drifters, Rasputin has magical powers and he serves as the spymaster for the Ends.

Jeanne D’ Arc

Unlike the real-life heroine of France, this Joan of Arc is a sadist who was burned at the stake but got so furious that she can manifest scorching flames, and is driven by bloodlust. She is one of the most feared members of the Ends.


Despite the open ending of season 1 and the cryptic message in the last episode, Drifters season 2 is not confirmed. The creators of the show have not made any official announcements regarding the return of Drifters, so we don’t if or when the next season will be.

We hope the manga series works a bit faster, to have enough source material for season 2. Stay tuned for more updates regarding the renewal of the series.

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