Diabolik Lovers Mukami Brothers

Diabolik Lovers is a popular anime series based on a Japanese game franchise. It’s the story of a young girl, Yui who travels overseas and ends up living in a mansion with 6 other men who happen to be vampires. Soon, Yui finds herself in the middle of an old rivalry between different vampire families.

One of those vampire families is the Mukami Brothers – four brothers who claim that Yui is their sacrificial bride. There are two seasons of the vampire anime, with its first season airing in 2013. Because of its immense popularity, fans are still waiting for Diabolik Lovers season 3.

Diabolik Lovers Mukami Brothers

The Mukami Brothers are a family of vampires introduced in the second game of the Diabolik Lovers series, MORE, BLOOD. The family consists of four brothers: Ruki Mukami, Kou Mukami, Yuma Mukami, and Azusa Mukami. Ruki is the eldest son of the Mukami household and is known as the ‘Brains’ of the family. Kou is the second son, Yuma is the third son, and Azusa is the youngest son.

They were all turned into vampires by Karlheinz, the Vampire King, in order to serve his plans. Yui Komori was taken by the brothers and is told she is to live with them in the Mukami’s mansion.

Ruki is the eldest son of the Mukami household and is known as the ‘Brains’ of the family. Kou is the second son, Yuma is the third son, and Azusa is the youngest son.

The Mukami brothers were said to be extremely beautiful and popular with the girls, but they were also known as being mysterious. Yui Komori was taken by them and told she would live with them in their mansion.

Yui is the main character of the series and she is a third-year student at Mihama Academy. She is friends with Amane Suoh, Makina Irisu, Michiru Matsushima, and Yuuji Kazami before they transferred to Mihama. Her parents died when she was young, so she lives alone in her apartment; however, it is only this summer that Yui has been able to live without any worries.

The Mukami brothers are all very attractive, and Yui soon develops feelings for each of them. There are many other characters that are introduced such as Ruki’s fiancée, Kou’s mistress, Yuma’s girlfriend, etc. With all these characters around, it gets difficult to keep track of who’s doing what and how they’re connected to one another.

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Ruki Mukami

ruki mukami - diabolik lovers mukami brothers

Ruki is a handsome young man with ruffled, short hair colored black on top and white at the edges. His grey eyes are accented by three piercings in his right ear: two of them large scars from when he was a child.

He always has an intimidating smirk on his face, but his words betray a subtle sense of brutality. He often speaks cruelly to others without having to inflict immediate physical harm himself.

When Ruki was human, he came from a rich family and enjoyed treating others poorly.

But karma worked against him. His family lost all its money, he was sent to an orphanage where other children and the caretaker treated him poorly because of his former position in society as well as his bad attitude.

Kou Mukami

kou mukami

Kou is said to have an attractive face—very handsome, some would say. His blond hair has curls that fall across the right side of his forehead and curl down just in front of one eye; four earrings hang from each of his ears.

Although Do-S appears friendly, he is actually very selfish and two-faced. Everything surrounding him (particularly other idols) is under his control—he uses his good looks to get what he wants from others.

Kou is friendly and charming to his fans, and he doesn’t seem bothered by the commotion they make on his arrival. He can be a little flirtatious as well.

As a human child, Kou lived in the sewers and was abandoned by his parents; he grew up seeing only the sky through manholes. Because of this, he always dreamed of being able to live under blue skies as everyone else does.

Kou was taken to a “club” — because of the war, their country needed money. To earn quick cash for weapons and supplies, they sold beautiful children as merchandise (and used them as sex slaves). There he was whipped, tortured, and beaten. He made friends with Ruki, and Yuma and escaped, only to be found by Karlheinz who took the brothers in and gave him a new magical eye.

Yuma Mukami

yuma mukami

Yuma is a handsome young man. He’s tall, with messy light brown hair that he usually ties up in a bun with bangs and strands falling out from behind it.

This rebellious do-S loves to make a big fuss about everything, but he’ll get bored and fall asleep if there’s nothing interesting going on. He can usually be found munching noisily on sugar cubes, which keeps his perverted mind off of other things for at least 10 seconds at a time.

Yuma is in fact Shu’s childhood friend, Edgar. They met when he was still a human and accompanied him back to Shuu’s village one night where they became friends. But the destruction of Yuma’s home by Reiji ended this friendship: Yuma died despite Shu trying to save his parents from the fire that had destroyed their village

He later woke up, injured but with no memory of who he was or how it happened.

Azusa Mukami

azusa mukami

Azusa is among the youngest Diabolik Lovers Mukami brothers. He has dark gray eyes and hair with lighter gray tips. The longest point in his hair reaches down to just below his chin while the bangs that frame a significant part of those eyes reach past it—almost as if Az is wearing eyeliner.

Azusa’s bangs are parted with one piece in the middle, and the rest is split to either side of his head. In the back, right in the center, he has some hair that sticks up straight while everything else appears messy and curly.

Azusa is an extreme sadist who enjoys inflicting pain on others, and he may even injure himself. Though timid in speech and mannerisms, he’ll do what pleases him no matter how much it hurts other people

Azusa lived on the streets, nearly starving to death before being taken in by someone. He was filled with despair because he felt that his life had no purpose.

The other kids at the orphanage tried to speak with him but ended up beating him. Azusa’s situation didn’t change until he met Yuma; Yuma was the very first person who wasn’t cruel and nice to Azusa—the only one who hadn’t hit or kicked him.

Azusa wasn’t sure how he felt when he received the bread from Yuma, but later it became clear that Azusa was inspired by her act of kindness.

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