Diabolik Lovers Characters

Diabolik Lovers had some of the best anime characters, along with some stereotypical roles. Here are all Diabolik Lovers characters. 

The romance anime, Diabolik Lovers is a popular TV series based on a game franchise. It’s the story of Yui, a teenage girl who travels overseas and lives in a mansion with 6 other men who are all vampires. Soon, Yui finds herself in the middle of a rivalry between different vampire houses.

It’s been more than 9 years since the end of season 2 of the anime, and fans are still waiting for Diabolik Lovers season 3. The show has amassed huge popularity over time.

Diabolik Lovers Main Characters

Meet the characters of Diabolik Lovers anime:

1. Yui Komori 


Yui Komori is the main female protagonist of the anime. She is a beautiful girl with wavy platinum blonde hair and light pink eyes. With a cheerful and optimistic personality, Yui is somewhat naive. Like most female MCs, she is strong-willed and is kind to all the brothers.

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Sakamaki Brothers 

2. Shu Sakamaki 

shu sakamaki

Shu is the eldest son of the Sakamaki family. Despite being the eldest, he does not want to become the head of the family and take the leadership role. He is 19 years old and is in his third year of school. In the anime, he rarely leaves his room and sleeps a lot.

He has pyrophobia (fear of fire) because of what happened with Edgar, his best friend. The trauma was so great that Shu has not been able to attach himself to anyone again.

3. Reiji Sakamaki 

reiji sakamaki

Reiji is the second son of the Sakamaki family. He has a set of roles and standards that he forces others around him to follow as well. You can call him somewhat of a control freak as he loves perfection. He loves to collect tea sets and kitchenware. Yui first mistook him for a butler.

4. Laito Sakamaki 

laito sakamaki

Laito is the eldest of the triplets who prefers people’s offensive language and displeasure which makes him good at interpreting people’s motives. Because of his personality, Laito enjoys Yui being preyed on by others and has his own definition of love.

5. Kanato Sakamaki 

kanato sakamaki

Kanato is the middle triplet. He is seen crying violently throughout the anime and blames everyone for everything. Kanato is rarely seen without his teddy bear and loves sweets. His mother always treated him like an ornament or a songbird which made him like this.

Kanato has a full room of wax dolls, which makes him very disturbing as he used those dolls as sacrificial brides like Yui.

6. Ayato Sakamaki

Ayato Sakamaki

Ayato is the youngest of the triplets. Out of all the Sakamaki brothers, he is the best and the strongest. However, he was abused a lot by his mother Cordelia. She would throw him into a lake despite his inability to swim, as she watched him struggle to save his life.

7. Subaru Sakamaki 

subaru sakamaki

Subaru is the youngest Sakamaki brother who often shuts himself out because he finds everyone bothersome. He has blood-red eyes like his mother and silver hair. As a child, he was very close to his mother as a result he suffered the brunt of her verbal and mental abuse.

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Mukami Brothers 

8. Ruki Mukami 

ruki mukami

Ruki is the eldest Mukami brother who is clever like a fox. He can skillfully manipulate people to do his bidding without getting his hands dirty. Ruki has dark blue hair and eyes. He was badly treated at the orphanage by other kids because he used to be an aristocrat.

9. Kou Mukami 

kou mukami

Kou is the second Mukami brother who is friendly. While he is very self-centered, because of his devilish charm, he is quite popular. However, behind the charm is a sad story. Kou was abandoned by his parents so he ended up at the Orphanage of Fear.

His right eye can see into people’s hearts and get to know their secrets.

10. Yuma Mukami 

yuma mukami

The third brother of Mukami, Yuma is violent in nature and has a huge body. He is quite similar to Subaru with the same temperament. As a child, he was very lively, but he became this way because of the toxic environment he grew up in. He also encourages Yui to not give up on her dreams.

11. Azusa Mukami 

azusa mukami

Azusa is the fourth Mukami brother. He is timid, but also obstinate with black hair with grey purple eyes. He often tells his brothers not to fight and apologizes to Yui when she startles her. Azusa has the lowest energy among all the brothers.

Tsukinami Brothers

12. Carla Tsukinami 

carla tsukinami

Carla is the first blood who is not only intelligent but also has a reason. As a founder, Carla can transform into a wolf, bat, snake, and eagle. He and his brothers are the last survivors of his bloodline and the founders of the demon world.

13. Shin Tsukinami

shin tsukinami

Shin is the youngest brother of the founders. He often looks down on other vampires and has a narcissistic personality. Shin can transform into a wolf, bat, eagle and snake, but he prefers his wolf form. He has blonde hair with golden eyes.

Other Characters

14. Kino 

kino diabolik lovers

Kino is the Vampire King Karlheinz’s illegitimate son and he wants to destroy the vampire race. He is sadistic and cruel like the rest of his family.

15. Cordelia 

cordelia diabolik lovers

Cordelia is Karlheinz’s first wife. She is the mother of triplets: Ayato, Laito, and Kanato. She is the illegitimate daughter of the Demon Lord.

16. Beatrix 

beatrix diabolik lovers

Beatrix is the second wife of Karlheinz and the mother of Shu and Reiji. She is by far the best mother in the show. Beatrix is loved by both her sons. She has blonde hair and blue eyes.

17. Christa 

christa diabolik lovers

Christa is Karlheinz’s third wife and Subaru’s mother. She is very delicate and even begged Subaru to kill her to end her suffering.

18. Ritcher 

ritcher diabolik lovers

Ritcher is Karlheinz’s younger brother and uncle of the Sakamaki brothers. He has spent most of his life feeling trapped under the shadow of his brother. Because of this, he is willing to do anything in order to surpass his brother.

19. Karlheinz 


Karlheinz is the father of the Sakamaki brothers. He is the vampire king and leader of the vampires for 2000 years. He has the ability to shapeshift into anything he wants because of this no one truly knows what he looks like, not even his children.

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