Days Season 2 Renewed or Canceled – Everything We Know So Far

Are you waiting for news on Days Season 2? Well, we know the feeling. 

When you watch an anime series or any TV show, you get engrossed in the story and want more of it. The feeling gets more intensified when the first season does not end properly and the story ends at a cliffhanger. In such a case, the frustration grows stronger as one awaits the next season. 

DAYS is a sports anime based on a shonen manga written by Yasuda Tsuyoshi. The anime adaptation is produced by MAPPA Studio and it broadcasted in 2016.

If you have read the manga but are still waiting for Days season 2, read on as we will discuss with you everything we know so far about the potential of season 2 of the anime. 

Is Days Season 2 Canceled Or Renewed?

Days Season 1 came to an end in 2016 and there was a huge demand for Season 2 as the first season did not complete the story. 

At that time the creators claimed that they plan to complete the manga story in the anime, and even Crunchyroll announced in 2016 that the show will be renewed for another season. 

However, Crunchyroll misreported and spoke too soon as the studio confirmed that the show will not be coming back

Yes, Days Season 2 is not confirmed and we will not be getting a second season. Studio MAPPA later explained that fans will not be getting a season 2 like the first season, but it will be released in three anime DVDs. 

The three episodes were released from March to July 2018 and thus concluded the story. Therefore, don’t hold your breath for season 2 as we might not be getting any in the future. 

Is the Days anime finished?

Is the Days anime finished

After the release of the three episodes as DVDs, the official status of the show’s season 2 says it has been canceled. As a result, there is zero likelihood of the show returning for another season. 

The first season of the show aired more than 6 years ago, and there is still a lot of material to adapt from the manga series, but the anime will not be getting a second season.

The only way we can get a season 2 of Days is if another production company picks up the story. However, the manga has already ended, and anime is created to promote the original manga. 

If we talk about a reboot series of an anime movie, changes are very strong, considering the popularity of the anime series. The anime is rated 7.3 on IMDB and it received solid reviews from the viewers, but it’s not enough information to make any predictions regarding the future of the show.

Days Season 2 Trailer

Unfortunately, there is no announcement of the Days Season 2 trailer as the series ended in 2016, with additional three DVD episodes in 2017. As the story is complete, the chances of a second season are close to none. 

We might get a reboot series or a movie, so let’s keep our fingers crossed. 

There is plenty of other anime series that are still awaiting renewal like Psychic Princess, Toradora, and Blue Spring Ride.

What is Days Anime About?

Days is a Japanese sports anime based on a manga series by Tsuyoshi Yasuda. The anime series was adapted by MAPPA and it broadcasted from July to December 2016. 

In 2016, the anime series also won the 40th Kodansha Manga Awards for the shonen category. 

Days follows a high school kid, Tsukushi Tsukamoto, a shy and clumsy teenager who gets into Seiseki Highschool to be with his childhood friend Sayuri Tachibana. Tsukushi gets bullied at school and is saved by Jin Kazama. Jin asks him to join him for a futsal match. 

Surprisingly, Tsukushi shows up at the match and manages to score a goal despite hurting his foot. Despite being frail and weak, Tsukushi makes it to the team with his perseverance. 

Here’s a small clip of Tsukushi’s best play of the anime series.

Days Main Characters

Days Main Characters

Tsukushi Tsukamoto (柄本 つくし) voiced by Takuto Yoshinaga 

Tsukushi is a high school kid who plays for the Seiseki High School football team as a forward. Through hard work and perseverance, he becomes a fundamental part of the team. He lost his father as a child and his mother is paralyzed and uses a wheelchair to move around. 

Jin Kazama (風間 陣) voiced by Yoshitsugu Matsuoka

Jin is a freshman at Seiseki High School and plays as a forward. He is a genius player with amazing skills. After meeting Tsukushi, his passion for football reignites as he starts practicing more and starts playing as a midfielder. 

Hisahito Mizuki (水樹 寿人) voiced by Daiseule Manikawa 

Hisahito is the captain of the Seiseki soccer team. Thanks to his extraordinary skills, he is planning to join the Kashima professional football club. He is also known as ‘the monster’ and ‘the beast’. 

Atsushi Kimishita (君下 敦) voiced by Daisuke Ono 

is a second-year student who plays as a midfielder. He is a great student who works at his parents’ shop. 

Kiichi Ōshiba (大柴 喜) voiced by Mamoru Miyano 

Kiichi is a second-year student who plays as a forward on the team. After meeting Tsukushi, he changes his lifestyle and becomes a much better player with amazing skills. He is the son of a wealthy family of physicians and is one of the tallest players in Japan. 

Yūta Usui (臼井 雄太) voiced by Takahiro Sakurai 

Yuta is a third-year student who is the second captain of the school soccer team. He is famous for his tactical ability as he controls the movement of all players. His fellow players call him ‘Sergeant Usui.’

Chikako Ubukata (生方 千加子) voiced by Mariya Ise 

She is Jin’s and Tsukushi’s class fellow. Chikako is popular in the school and is quite haughty. She joins the team as assistant manager.


Despite the fact Days Season 2 is canceled, the anime is still very popular among the fans. It has an amazing story and given its popularity and demand, we might get a spinoff series, a reboot, or other similar projects. 

However, all that depends upon the reaction from the audience. As of today, Days Season 2’s official status remains to be canceled, and it will not be returning for another season.

There is a very slim chance of Days season 2 happening as the production company has declared that there will be no separate second season. But, don’t lose hope as the chances of a reboot series is very high. 

For any changes in the status or recent news, stick around and we will make sure to keep you updated.

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