BNA Season 2 Release Date – Everything We Know So Far

BNA is a popular action-comedy anime that aired on Netflix in 2020. Even since then fans have been wondering about BNA season 2.

BNA: Brand New Animal is a fantasy-themed anime developed by Studio Trigger, and licensed by Netflix. The story is based on the writings of Kazuki Nakashima who wrote the script for the anime which was later adapted into a manga and light novel series.

The first season of the anime was released worldwide on Netflix in June 2020. The 12-episode series gained a lot of popularity online, with fans waiting for another season.

Here’s what we know so far regarding BNA: Brand New Animal Season 2.

Will there be BNA Season 2? Canceled or Renewed 


As of right now, there is no official news regarding BNA season 2. Netflix or Studio Trigger has not released any statements regarding the renewal or cancelation of the show.

The first season of the anime aired in 2020, and since then Netflix has been keeping quiet about the show. According to experts, as it has not been much time since the first season, the show might take a few years in returning, but it will return for a fact.

Generally, anime TV shows take 2-3 years before returning with another season. This delay is normal in the industry.

The good thing is that it’s licensed by Netflix and the streaming giant has started investing heavily in anime shows and movies because of the great demand by the viewers.

Netflix has recently renewed Tokyo Revengers season 2 and other anime series, so it’s no wonder that their schedule is packed.

There are a lot of factors that determine the status of a show such as the source material, revenue, sales, and popularity.

A show has to be profitable to Netflix to earn the renewal. There are plenty of anime on Netflix that are awaiting renewal such as High Rise Invasion, and 7Seeds.

BNA Source Material


Manga and light novel series is the main source material for any anime TV show. In the case of BNA, it’s the opposite.

You see the manga was adapted after the anime. Yes, you read right! Kazuki Nakashima wrote the script for the show after which the manga and light novel series were based on.

The sole volume of the manga released in September 2022. The manga series has ended with only one volume. In short, this is a big hurdle in the way of season 2.

Without any source material, there cannot be any anime season. The anime cannot move forward without the script from Nakashima.

Studio Trigger has been super busy since BNA season 1 in 2020. The Studio has a lot of projects lined up such as SSSS, Star Wars: Vision, and Dynazenon. They just finished working on Cyberpunk: Edgerunners.

BNA Sales and Profitability 


Revenue generated by the anime is very important in determining whether it will get renewed or not. If we look at the numbers, BNA sales were below the target as it only sold 436 discs.

Although the anime has since gained a lot of popularity on Netflix, the revenue is still not enough for another season. If we look at the demand for the TV show, it’s good, especially in the West.

BNA Reviews and Ratings 

Online reviews and ratings also affect the renewal status of the anime. BNA is a popular anime with great ratings online.

The show has an average rating of 4.8 stars which is very good. According to critics, the anime has a great story with amazing visuals as well.


The 80s-inspired aesthetics with neon hues and anthro characters is a refreshing take, different than most anime series. The action scenes and designs are very pleasing as well, making sure to get you hooked till the last episode.

On MyAnimeList, the show has a rating of 7.36 with a popularity rank of #617. According to some, this is one of the best works of Studio Trigger with pretty good soundtracks, aesthetics, and animation.

Overall, anime is very popular among fans because of its creative story and characters.

What is BNA Season 2 Release Date


Unfortunately, there is no release date for BNA season 2. Netflix and Studio Trigger have not made any statements regarding the renewal of the show.

The latest season ended in 2020, but there is no news or update regarding the status of the show. However, the show has not been canceled by Netflix either so there is hope for the next season.

Considering the high demand from the viewers, we are hoping Netflix will soon renew the series for season 2.

What is BNA: Brand New Animal About 


The anime is set in a world where humans co-exist with Beastmen. Beastmen have a unique trait in their DNS called “Beast Factor” that allows them to turn into humanoid animals.

Michiru Kagemori is a young girl who turns into a tanuki following a blood transfusion. She runs away to seek refuge in Anime City, a place for the Beastmen. Michiru meets a mysterious wolf beastman Shirou Ogami.

Michiru works with Shirou to investigate how she became a beast-man. However, the investigation leads them to a conspiracy involving a medical center that accidentally provided the blood for transfusion. Can she really trust the people around her? Is Shirou really who he claims to be?

BNA Season 2 Characters 


Season 2 of the BNA series has not been confirmed, but when the show returns, we can expect our favorite characters from season 1 to make a reappearance. Here are the main characters of BNA.

Michiru Kagemori (影森 みちる)
Voiced by Sumire Morohoshi

A human high schooler who turns into a tanuki beastman after an accident. She is trying to find a way to become normal again.

Shirou Ogami (大神 士郎)
Voiced by Yoshimasa Hosoya

Shirou is a wolf beastman who dedicates himself to protecting Animal City. He has immense strength, along with immortality and regenerative abilities.

Nazuna Hiwatashi (日渡 なずな)
Voiced by Maria Naganawa

She is Michiru’s childhood friend who wishes to become an idol. However, she became a beastman like her friend.

Alan Sylvasta (アラン・シルヴァスタ)
Voiced by Kaito Ishikawa

Alan is the president of Sylvasta Pharmaceutics who is responsible for providing medical aid to Animal City. She wants to eliminate Animal City residents because she deems them impure.

Barballet Rosé (バルバレイ・ロゼ)
Voiced by Gara Takashima

She is the mayor of Animal City who pledges to help Michiru find the cure. She also knows Shirou’s secret identity.

Here are some of the other characters of BNA:

CharactersVoice Cast
Marie ItamiMichiyo Murase
Yūji TachikiHiroshi Naka
Gem Horner Hiroshi Yanaka
Melissa Horner Kimiko Saito
Guiliano Flip Yohei Tadano
Prime Minister Shiramizu Hochu Otsuka
Nina Flip Ami Maeshima
Boris CliffTakehito Koyasu
Jackie Megumi Han
Pinga Daisuke Namikawa


As of right now, there is no official announcement regarding BNA season 2. For now, we can only expect a season two given the popularity of the anime. The Netflix anime series went viral in 2020, but the streaming giant has been quiet about it since then.

The first season of the anime comprised 12 episodes that were released in two sets. Since then fans have been waiting for the next season.

For now, Netflix and the Studio have not made any comments regarding the show and there is no news regarding the renewal of the series. Till then stay tuned, as I will keep you updated here regarding any changes.

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