Blue Spring Ride Season 2 Release Date | Everything We Know

The first season of Blue Spring Ride was released in 2014, and fans are eagerly waiting for Blue Spring Season 2. Here’s everything we know about the possibility of the next season, its release date, and its story. 

It’s been over 9 years, but fans are still waiting for a continuation of Futaba and Kou’s story in Ao Haru Ride.

Blue Spring Ride or Ao Haru Ride is a Japanese shojo manga illustrated by Io Sakisaka, and its anime adaptation series was produced by Production IG and had a total of 12 episodes. The series ran from July 8, 2014, to September 23, 2014.

Here’s what we know about Blue Spring Ride Season 2.

Blue Spring Ride Season 2: Canceled or Renewed 

blue spring ride season 2 release date

Despite its popularity and increased demand, the critically acclaimed anime series has not officially been renewed by Production IG.

Blue Spring Ride Season 2 has not been confirmed or canceled by the production house. The first season ended in 2014, and it has been a lot of years in the middle, if the show wanted to come back.

The renewal of the series depends upon a lot of parameters like the source material, revenue generated, and demand from fans.

Fortunately, anime and manga are quite popular and have generated great revenue, so the chances for another season are high. You can see on social media platforms that fans of Blue Spring Ride are still active.

However, if we look at the source material, the manga series is not continuing so there is a low chance for the series to get a second season.

However, considering the popularity of manga, we are still hopeful. In 2014 alone, the manga sold over 5.84 million copies, and volume 6 was the top-selling volume of the year.

You can also read Ao Haru Ride Volume 6 to see what’s all the hype about.

Blue Spring Ride Season 2 Release Date


Although there is a lot of speculation regarding Blue Spring Ride Season 2, there is no official release date confirmed.

Production IG has not renewed the series for season 2 of the anime, so we don’t know if or when the show is returning for another season.

If we look at the source material, there’s still hope. The manga’s serialization ended in 2014, but there are many chapters that can be covered for season 2.

From the information we have, Production IG used one chapter each for one episode, and there are a total of 13 volumes and 53 chapters. 

So, there are a lot of chapters left that can be translated into anime. So, considering that, the source material is not the problem here.

Also, the first season finished with an open ending, so the story can easily continue if the show gets renewed.

However, production companies usually use anime to promote manga or light novel series. It is used to drive sales, but in the case of Blue Spring Ride, the end of serialization could be the main reason why we still haven’t gotten a season 2.

But there is no news regarding the cancellation of the anime series, so there is still a chance for Blue Spring Ride season 2, so keep your fingers crossed. Maybe we will get a reboot in the form of a series, or movie. 

You can also read Ao Haru Ride manga to continue the story as you wait for season 2.

Blue Spring Ride Reviews and Ratings

is there a blue spring ride season 2

Au Haru Ride is one of the best-selling manga in Japan and was ranked as one of the top 5 best female-oriented comics in 2013.

Blue Spring Ride has a score of 7.65 on MyAnimeList with a popularity ranking of #169. Most critics have given the show positive reviews, loving the shoujo anime.

According to critics, Blue Spring Ride is a little different from your typical shoujo anime because of its story. It felt real and people especially could relate to the story. To this day, fans still talk about the show on Twitter and other social media platforms.

On IMDB, the TV series received a great rating of 7.5 stars. Fans have tagged the anime as a cute romantic series with a sweet innocent love story that takes you back in time thinking about simple moments that are precious in your life.

What is Blue Spring Ride about

Ao Haru Ride, alternatively known as Blue Spring Ride is a Japanese anime based on a shoujo manga series consistently named the best anime by many manga professionals.

Futaba is a 16-year-old high school student who attempts to change her personality in order to fit in and make friends. She acts “unfeminine” due to criticism by her female classmates out of jealousy.

One day she reunites with her first love, Kou, who has recently moved from another city. However, Kou has become a completely different person and is now cold and indifferent.

However, after reuniting both starts changing themselves for the better, Futaba starts embracing her true self, and Kou stops suppressing his feelings. As the series moves on, each character embraces the change within them and moves on with their lives.

Characters of Blue Spring Ride Season 2 

will there be a blue spring ride season 2

Since Blue Spring Ride is full of amazing characters, it is safe to say that most of the characters from season 1 will return if the season gets greenlighted with plenty of new faces.

Here’s a brief introduction of characters that are expected to return for Blue Spring Ride season 2:

Futaba Yoshioka (吉岡 双葉) – Maaya Uchida 

Futaba is a middle school girl who is an outcast because all the girls are jealous of her popularity among the guys in the school. To fit in and make friends, she forces herself to be as unattractive as possible. However, after meeting Kou, she starts to embrace her true self.

Kou Mabuchi (馬渕 洸) – Yuki Kaji

Kou attends the same middle school as Futaba. After the death of his mother, he becomes distant and believes that he does not deserve to be happy. However, after spending time with Futaba he starts becoming honest with himself and does not hide his feeling anymore.

Yuki Kaji has also voiced characters in Air Gear, Deadman Wonderland, Black Bullet, and more.

Yuri Makita (槙田 悠里) – Ai Kayano 

Yuri is a classmate of Futaba and is also popular among the guys in her school. However, unlike Futaba, she does not hide her true self.

Shuko Murao (村尾 修子) – Mikako Komatsu 

Shuko is a class fellow of Futaba and Yuri who at first did not prefer to have friends, but later on, befriends both.

Aya Kominato (小湊 亜耶) – KENN

Kominato is an outgoing boy who is friends with Kou and does not like Tanaka because of rivalry in love.

Yōichi Tanaka (田中 陽) – Daisuke Hirakawa 

Tanaka is the older brother of Kou and an English teacher at the school. His family name is different as their parents divorced, but he always looks over Kou.

Tōma Kikuchi (菊池 冬馬) – Yoshitsugu Matsuoka

Toma is a boy in Futaba’s class who had a fallout with Futaba at the beginning, but he eventually softens up to her with time.

Yui Narumi (成海 唯) – Mitsuki Takahata

Yuri is a classmate of Kou from Nagasaki, and her father was in the same hospital as Kou’s mother.


Despite its popularity, Blue Spring Ride season 2 is not confirmed yet. The critically acclaimed shoujo anime series is yet to secure another season. However, a comforting thing for fans is the fact that the series is not canceled either.

Fans are still clinging to the glimmer of hope that we might get another season of the popular anime. Nothing can be said with surety, however, we will keep you updated here in case of any news of renewal.

Till then enjoy reading the manga series, and stay tuned.

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