Black Bullet Season 2 Release Date | What We Know So Far

Is Black Bullet returning for season 2? Here’s everything you need to know about Black Bullet Season 2 in 2023.

It’s been more than 9 years since the Black Bullet anime was first released. Since then, the post-apocalyptic anime series has captured the hearts of thousands of fans worldwide.

Black Bullet, also known as Burakku Buretto in Japanese, is based on the light novel series of the same name written by Shiden Kanzaki in 2011. The anime features a dystopian world with a deadly virus. 

The anime series Black Bullet only had one season so far by Studio Kinema Citrus and Orange. After the 13-episode season in 2014, there has been no word for the return of Black Bullet Season 2.

Black Bullet Season 2: Canceled or Renewed?


As of 2023, there is no official word regarding season 2 of Black Bullet. The Studio Kinema Citrus and Orange have not confirmed the next season.

Season 1 of Black Bullet ended with 13 episodes in 2014, so there has been a lot of time in which the sequel season could have been produced if the studio wanted to.

Unfortunately, the Black Bullet anime was not successful, as a result, the Studio did not plan for a second season.

The biggest problem is that the author of the light novel series has abandoned Black Bullet, and since then no new volume has been published.

Therefore, we don’t see the show returning for another season any time soon. For now, it has not been canceled or renewed by the studio, so we can only be hopeful right now.

Fans of Black Bullet have been active on social media and waiting for the next season eagerly.

Apart from this anime, there is plenty of other series like World End, All Out, and Full Dive that are still awaiting a renewal.

Black Bullet Season 2 Release Date


Unfortunately, there is no release date for Black Bullet Season 2 as the show has not been renewed or canceled yet.

Considering a lot of factors like profitability and source material, we can be confident that the show will not be returning for season 2. There are plenty of factors working against it.

The latest volume of the light novel was released back in 2014, and since then there has been no new volume published. This means there is no source material, hence a 0% chance of the sequel season happening.

You can also check Black Bullet’s official Twitter account as the latest posts are from 2015. You can also keep posted regarding new stuff on its official Twitter page.

Black Bullet Source Material for Season 2 

The Black Bullet light novel series began publishing in 2011, and as of right now, 7 volumes have been published. As the series is abandoned, there isn’t much material left that can be used for a new second season.

The first season adapted four volumes, leaving very material to work with for another season. It is said that the pressure of writing the light novels for them to be adapted into the anime took a toll on the author. Because of that, he quit writing the novels, while some claim he did so because of his health issues.

You can read Black Bullet Light Novel to continue the story as you wait for season 2 of the series. 

Black Bullet Season Reviews and Ratings 


Black Bullet is rated highly on review sites. On MyAnimeList, the show has a popularity ranking of #158 and a score of 7.11/10.

Fans have always compared Black Bullet to other anime like Attack On Titan, saying the story is quite similar. Similarly, others have criticized it for not leaning towards more comedy than action as promised.

On IMDB, the anime gets a score of 6.9/ 10 with average user reviews. Most critics say that Burakku Buretto started well, but got lost as it proceeded.

The anime had a good story, great characters, and a real theme, but it ended in a depressing way that overcame the entire anime.

While some fans love the villain and the story, giving it a 9/10.

What is Black Bullet about 

Black Bullet is an action, adventure, sci-fi drama based on a post-apocalyptic world. In the year 2021, mankind is suffering from a great epidemic called Gastrea, which is a parasitic virus that turns humans into monsters.

After the epidemic, only a few humans survived and are now living within the Monolith walls made from Varanium, the only metal that can subdue Gastrea.

Within the walls are born special female children with the Gastrea virus that has given them supernatural abilities. These children, dubbed “Cursed Children” are the only hope to fight against Gastrea monsters.

Black Bullet focuses on a team of Cursed Children and a Protomoter as they are on a mission to prevent the destruction of the Tokyo Area at the hands of beasts.

You can also read the last Black Bullet Light Novel Volume 7 to see where the story goes.

You can catch the trailer of the series here:

Black Bullet Season 2 Characters 


Here are the characters of Black Bullet:

Tendo Civil Security 

Rentarō Satomi (里見 蓮太郎) 

Voiced by: Yuki Kaji

Rentaro is a second-year student at Magata High School and is a Promoter in Tendo Civil Security. Rentaro lost his parents in the war against Gastrea and he lost his right leg, right arm, and left eye in a fight.

Enju Aihara (藍原 延珠)

Voiced by: Rina Hidaka

Enju is a cursed child and is Rentaro’s model rabbit initiator in the Tendo Civil Security.

Kisara Tendō (天童 木更)

Voiced by: Yui Horie

Kisara is the president of Tendo Civil Security and she witnessed her parent’s death at the hands of Gastrea. She is extremely skilled at martial arts.

Tina Sprout (ティナ・スプラウト)

Voiced by: Tomoyo Kurosawa

Tina is a man-made mechanized soldier who was hired by Tendo Civil Security and forms a pair with Kisara.

Tokyo Area

Seitenshi (聖天子)

Voiced by: Aki Toyosaki

Seitenshi is the ruler of the Tokyo Area and no one knows her real name.

Kikunojō Tendō (天童 菊之丞) 

Voiced by Tamio Oki

Kikunojō is the advisor of Seitenshi and is the grandfather of Kisara and Rentaro’s foster father. He lost his wife to Gastrea 10 years ago.

Miori Shiba (司馬 未織)

Voiced by: Ami Koshimizu

Mori is the student council president of Magata High School who sponsored Rentaro.

Kagetane Hiruko (蛭子 影胤)

Voiced by: Rikiya Koyama

Kagetane is the promoter in Civil Security, but his license was revoked due to excessive killing.

Other supporting characters include:

Characters  Voice Cast 
Kohina Hiruko  Aoi Yuki 
Shōgen Ikuma Hiromichi Tezuka
Kayo Senju  Megumi Han
Takuto Yasuwaki  Subaru Kimura
Kazumitsu Tendō  Kazuyuki Okitsu  


Many anime fans are still waiting for Black Bullet season 2. However, there is no official news regarding the renewal of the anime, and season 2 is neither confirmed nor canceled.

If you are a fan, we recommend reading the light novel series until the next season comes. For more information, stay tuned as we will keep this blog updated in case of any news.

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