Ajin Season 3 Release Date | Everything We Know So Far

Ajin: Demi-Human seasons 1 and 2 premiered in 2016, and since then fans have been waiting for another one, after more than 6 years. Here’s everything you need to know about Ajin Season 2.

Ajin: Demi-Human is an anime based on the Japanese manga of the same name illustrated by Gamon Sakurai from July 2012, to February 2021. Till today, there are a total of seventeen volumes.

The manga was adapted into a 3D anime movie trilogy by Polygon Pictures in 2015, and then an anime television series in 2016. The manga was so famous that it even had a live-action film adaptation in 2017.

Are you looking for an official release date for Ajin Season 3? Then continue reading as we discuss everything we know so far regarding the most awaited new season.

Will there be Ajin Season 3? Canceled or Renewed 


After two seasons packed with action, Polygon Pictures have kept its viewers in suspense ever since. Unfortunately, Ajin Season 3 is not confirmed yet. The show has not been renewed yet by the production company, but there is no news regarding its cancelation either.

The first season of the show made an enthralling debut in 2016, with the second season premiering in the same year just months later. A film trilogy was also premiered in 2015.

However, now it has been almost 6 years, and there’s no news regarding Ajin season 3. There are many reasons behind the renewal or cancelation of a show like viewership, ratings, and sales. 

Despite the long wait, people are still waiting for season 3 of the anime and have moved to the manga series to continue the story.

If you have already watched the first two seasons and are interested in the real story, you can start reading Ajin Manga Volume 5 where the divergence begins.

Don’t lose hope regarding season 3 yet, as there are plenty of other anime like Btooom, Diabolik Lovers, and Blue Spring Ride that are also awaiting renewal and have been affected by COVID-19.

Ajin Season 3 Release Date


Despite its popularity, there is no official release date for Ajin Season 3. Polygon Pictures have not confirmed the renewal of the show, and it’s been more than 6 years, so we don’t believe it will continue.

Ajin series is available to watch on Netflix. Both Season 1 and Season 2 are currently streaming on Netflix in most countries. Therefore, if season 3 returns, we can expect it to see on Netflix too.

Ajin Source Material 

As discussed earlier the source material of the anime is very important in determining whether the show will be renewed or not. Manga or light novel is the source material for any anime series.

If we look at the source material, there is still hope, for a spinoff series or a movie if not for season 3. The manga finalized its serialization in February 2021, with a total of 17 volumes.

There is another potential hindrance for Ajin Season 3. The first season of the anime followed the exact same story as the manga covering the first 22 Chapters (i.e. Volume 5), however, that was not the case with season 2.

Season 2 of Ajin did not exactly follow the manga storyline, therefore, the creators of the show cannot solely rely on manga for the story to continue.

However, as we have gotten three movies and one live-action movie in the past, keep your fingers crossed as the manga has just finished and could be picked up by Production Pictures, or any other studio for a movie adaptation or a spinoff series.

Ajin Reviews and Ratings


Ajin has been awarded as the best series multiple times in the past. The first four volumes of the manga have sold more than 2,300,000 units since March 2013 in Japan alone.

On MyAnimeList, Ajin: Demi-Human has a ranking of 7.42 with a popularity rating of #337. Fans have always compared the show with other popular names like Tokyo Ghoul.

The dark, horror anime is praised for its story and plot, however, it lacks when it comes to visuals. In the age of 3D cinematography, viewers expect great visuals, but Ajin is not as visually pleasing as some of the best titles out there.

Despite that, fans are excited about the story and the great sound effects.

Similarly, on IMDB, the show has a similar rating of 7.6/10 and excellent viewer reviews. Most fans are saying that the show needs a season 3 because of its amazing story.

Some critics are of the view that despite its questionable animation, Ajin is a pretty damn good sci-fi anime with a fresh story. Some have even compared the show with Elfen Lied, saying it’s a better version of it.

What is Ajin About

At first, Ajin might seem like a standard run-of-the-mill anime of human vs something unnatural, however, it’s a fresh story. The dark fantasy, supernatural, thriller shonen anime is the story of a student, Nagai Kei, who finds out that he’s an “Ajin” after getting fatally wounded in an accident.

Ajin is a small number of humans who have immortality and regenerative abilities that are triggered upon death. It allows them to recover from any mortal injury.

Ajin also has the ability to create “black ghosts” – highly dangerous entities who are only visible to other Ajin and exhibit extraordinary physical strength and are resistant to any form of physical injury. Some black ghosts rely on their Ajin for directions, while some are more independent and can engage in self-initiated actions.

Ajin are considered dangerous and are therefore hunted by the government. The government claims to hunt them, but in reality, Ajin are used for experimentation.

As a result, a group of Ajin are hell-bent on taking revenge on the government and getting their freedom. Here’s the trailer for the first season.

Ajin Characters 


As Ajin is full of amazing characters, it is safe to say that most of them will return in case of Ajin Season 3. With that said, here is a brief introduction of the main characters of Ajin.


Characters  Voice Cast 
Sato/ Samuel T. Owen  Hochu Otsuka
Koji Tanaka Daisuke Hirakawa
Masumi Okuyama Hiroyuki Yoshino
Takeshi Kotobuki Soma Saito

Kei’s Group 

Characters  Voice Cast 
Kei Nagai  Mamoru Miyano
Kaito Yoshimasa Hosoya
Ko Nakano Jun Fukuyama

Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare 

Characters  Voice Cast 
Yu Tosaki Takahiro Sakurai
Izumi Shimomura Mikako Komatsu
Sokabe Kenichi Suzumura


Ajin is a popular manga with two seasons of the show that debuted in 2015. The story was so popular that it was picked by Netflix. The manga also influenced the creation of 3D anime films and live-action movies.

Despite its popularity and availability of the source material, Ajin season 3 is not confirmed. The show has not been renewed for season 3 by the production company.

This is what we know about Ajin so far, so stay tuned for any updates or news regarding the renewal, or a spinoff series in the future.

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