Air Gear Season 2 Release Date | What We Know So Far [2023 Update]

Is Air Gear Season 2 confirmed? Even since the first season, fans have been wondering about season 2 of the anime series. Here’s everything we know so far. 

Sports anime have been a popular genre among fans. One inspirational sports anime is Air Gear, known as Ea Gia in Japanese. The show starts with a lighthearted comedy and transforms into an action-packed thriller show with crisp animation. 

Air Gear Season 1 premiered in April 2006 with a total of 26 episodes. The action-comedy show is about a group of orphans called Storm Riders who try to reach the top of the competitive motorized rollerblades. 

Will There Be Air Gear Season 2? Canceled or Renewed

Will There Be Air Gear Season 2 Canceled or Renewed

It’s been more than fifteen years since Air Gear premiered, and fans have been waiting for another season since then. Unfortunately, the show has not been renewed. 

For now, there is no hope for Air Gear to return, and is not on the verge of cancellation. Many people wrongly believed and spread a rumor that two OVAs were released after season 1 based on the manga. 

The manga debuted in 2003 and ended in 2012 with a total of 37 volumes. The manga gained a lot of popularity and was considered for the anime adaptation. 

However, due to low ratings and revenue, the show was not renewed for season 2. Despite its unique theme, the anime faded due to its underwhelming storyline. 

The anime was based on the first 12 volumes and there is plenty of story left that will be incorporated in Season 2 if it gets renewed. If you want to continue the story from the anime, you can read Air Gear Volume 13 of the manga

Fans are still eagerly waiting for a new season as there are plenty of fan pages on Twitter like “Asking for Air Gear Continuation” and more keeping fans updated. 

There is an Air Gear fan club as well where fans of the show share anime-related art, news, updates, and more. 

Air Gear Season 2 Release Date 

Air Gear Season 2 Release Date

As of today, there is no release date for Air Gear Season 2. The second season of the anime series is likely never going to happen

In short, there will be no release date for Air Gear 2. It all depends upon the profitability of an anime

In the case of Air Gear, the anime series did not meet expectations. The second season was not greenlighted by the creators because the first one did not perform well. 

It has been years since the first season and if Toei Animation wanted to produce a second season, they would have contacted Kodansha and made an announcement. 

After 15 years, the fan base of the show is pretty much gone as of 2023, so the chances of the show returning are pretty slim. 

The first season did not make a lot of profits, so we cannot even hope for a reboot. But, with Netflix, Funimation, and Crunchyroll around, you never know. 

There are a lot of other anime like Demon Slayer, and Hundred that are also awaiting renewal.

Air Gear Reviews and Ratings 

Air Gear is an old anime, but it is still very popular among fans. The show has a score of 7.5 on MyAnimeList and is ranked #568 on the popularity charts. 

The show has a different style as compared to generic anime and will get you hooked to the story, begging for more. 

Similarly, Air Gear is rated 7.2 on IMDB. You will find positive reviews on the site as most viewers are appreciating the story. The anime is perfect for binge-watching and rewatching because the characters and the plot are very interesting. 

What is Air Gear About 

Air Gear is about a group called Storm Riders who have modified the Air Treks, a skate technology, to function at its full potential. Despite the restrictions imposed by authorities and speed limitations, Storm Raiders use the original versions of AT to battle underground in competitive street sport. 

Air Gear is based on a Japanese manga written by Oh! Great. The volumes have been released in Weekly Shonen Magazine since 2002. The manga series concluded with a total of 37 tankobon volumes and 358 chapters. 

The anime series was produced by Toei Animation, best known for One Piece, Dragon Ball, and other popular anime. 

Air Gear Season 2 Characters 

Air Gear Season 2 Characters

Although there is news about Season 2 of Air Gear, if the show returns, we can expect the following characters to make a comeback.

Itsuki Minami (南 樹)

Voiced by Kenta Kamakari 

Itsuki also known as Ikki and Crow is an AT rider with an affiliation for being in the air. After his parent’s disappearance, Ikki lives with the Noyamano family and gets introduced to AT. Along with his friends, Ikki makes a team called Kogarasumaru. 

Kazuma Mikura (美鞍 葛馬)

Voiced by Kenn 

Kazuma or Kazu is Ikki’s childhood friend who joins Kogarasumaru and becomes an exceptionally fast AT rider. He has plenty of tricks up his sleeve like Sonic Boom, After Burner, Flame Lense, and more. 

Issa Mihotoke (御仏 一茶) 

Voiced by Hitoshi Bifu 

Issa, also known as Buccha is a rider with a large body that he uses to his advantage during battle. Before joining Kogarasumaru, he was the leader of Night Kings which was ultimately defeated by Ikki. He looks obese but his body only has 10% of fat, and his appearance is the way because of blood pooling in his gut. Issa can manipulate and channel blood as he wants. 

Onigiri (オニギリ)

Voiced by Masamu Kikuchi 

Onigiri is Ikki’s childhood friend who rides the AT by sitting upside down on it. He mainly started doing that to look up skirts of his female school fellows, but it later proved to his advantage. He used his ability to defeat Behemoth who uses her tattoos to hypnotize opponents. But as Onigiri is upside down he remains unaffected by her hypnosis. 

Akito Wanijima (鰐島 亜紀人)

Voiced by Kokoro Kikuchi 

Akito and Agito are two personalities of the Fang King. They were originally a part of the SWAT team, but Ikki saves them and asks them to join Kogarasumaro. Akito is innocent and does not use violence. Agito has a violent and bloodthirsty nature. 

Emily Adachi (安達 絵美理)

Voiced by Shoko Ishii 

Emily is a supporter of the Kogarasumaru group and has a huge crush on Kazu. She joins the group and acts as a backup. Even though her skills are unpolished, she has high endurance and is strong. 

Yayoi Nakayama (中山 弥生)

Voiced by Reiko Yoshimoto

Yayoi is Emily’s friend and she supports the same group. She has the ability to communicate with Ikki’s crow. She likes Ikki initially but lost interest in the later chapters. 

Air Gear Other Groups 

  • Sleeping Forest 
  • Original Sleeping Forest 
  • Behemoth 
  • Genesis 
  • Tool Toul To 
  • Skull Saders 
  • Rez Boa Dogs 
  • Sabel Tigers 
  • Kintetsu Bulls 
  • Animal House 


So far there is no news about Air Gear Season 2. It has been more than 15 years and with that much time, we don’t believe the show will be returning any time soon. It is on the brink of cancellation. 

It’s been more than a decade since TOEI Animation released the first season of Air Gear. The studio has not brought up any news regarding a possible renewal. Usually, such old shows are better off getting a reboot than a season renewal. As of today, there is no news regarding Air Gear Season 2. 

So stay tuned for more information and updates on season 2.

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